BEEFEP008 ManJas – Hann

A1 Manjas – Hann
A2 Manjas – Hann (Shades of Gray remix)
B1 Manjas – Hann (Kreon remix)
B2 Manjas – Hann (Murat Kilic remix)
Preview all tracks:
Release info:
BEEF records is proud to present another peak time tech house vinyl EP. This time presenting up and coming duo from Paris – John Jastszebski and Mancini aka ManJas. Hann is one of those tracks that are very hard to forget after you come home from a party – catchy vocal, simple groove, groovy bassline and amazing sound scapes keeps every dancefloor busy.
On remix duties we have the only greek Dj who has been smashing international charts, producing world wide hits (like “Jauce”) and touring at the same time. Kreon gives Hann extra twist, loose percussion and off time rhythms. Fans of twisted techno will love this remix. Another remixes are by our very own Shades of Gray who take Hann on a bit more melodic journey and Australian Murat Kilic who brings some great tech house chords and shakers to fulfil this package.
Gorge (8bit, katchuli)
nice release! will play this one
Nick Warren
Kreon mix is on the money for me and murat mix works as well
Nils Nurnberg (8bit / Dieb Audio )
Wow… great package! All mixes equally awesome! Full support!
Anthony Collins
kreon remix for me
H. O. S. H.
kreon remix sounds really good. thx
Alex Kenji (303Lovers / Hotfingers)
Murat Kilic Remix is killer! will play defintly soon!
Florian Meindl
cool rmx from murat! 9/10
Omid 16B
wicked all the work. Shades of Gray Remix is my favorite. 10/10
Paco Osuna
i like shades of gray rmx
DJ Sender (Send Rec., DJmag UA)
Cool one! Support on DJFM & Club Sets.
Oliver Klein (Mutekki)
Shades of Gray mix is my fav.!! Support!
Dave Seaman
kilic mix is cool
Eelke Kleijn
like this! especially the original and shades of grey mix
Federico Epis (GU, Audio Therapy)
Murat Kilic my choice on the package…nice one
Mr Statik
Great work by Kreon on his reinterpretation, twisted groove, will definitely play!
Phonogenic (Mood Music / Fresh Meat)
the orignal is my pick here. very noticable track with a nice and warm sound. the remixes are ok, but really it’s the original that has my vote.
Chris Stavropoulos (Insomnia / Free Radio FM)
Superb release, right in the sound of our era. Supporting it full from our airplay list!
Taster Peter
Great Release!! Really love the original and the shades of gray rmx! Thanks P
Jamie Stevens (Infusion)
Shades of Gray do it again! awesome slip slop slap groove. Love that old-school sample pitching too!
Renato Cohen
What a great ep! Shades of Gray Remix is really good!! Thanks!
Osunlade (Freerange)
the shades of grey remix is cool!
David Garcet
super sugar tracks love them I will play it !!!!!
DJ Pena (Flow Vinyl)
SOG is the one for me…great moody pads!
Dualton (Save Room / Restart)
excellent! kreon remix is our pick! very good
Chris Carrier
great Kreon remix
Florian Kruse (Dieb Audio / Urban Torque / Om Records)
Love this groovey shit! What a strong package here. All mixes are good! Kreon hit the nail! thats my fav! cheers
Montero (Renaissance)
Nice grooves.
Pedro Mercado (Rotationz FM Belgium)
Best remix is from Kreon, but not as good as hits ‘Jauce’ track…
Erwin Kelemen (Freies Radio Freudenstadt)
nice techhouse,will play
original and murat mixes are the only ones i’m feelin here.. nice and groovy with a catchy vocal.. will play!
Ivan Pica (Factomania)
Great pack!!!
F.Sonik (Circle Music)
Kreon remix is best for me .Thanks!!
Russ (IDJ Mag)
Really like the original!
Roger Sanchez
I will test…
Joel Armstrong
Hard to pick a favorite, all pretty solid.
Christopher Colak (Dinamo 103.8 FM Istanbul)
Cool brilliant house mixes for a nice house EP. I like it.
Joshua Collins
I prefer the Shades of Gray Remix.. Nice work man.
Demi (S.O.S.)
shades of grey MORE than shades it for me – twisted and fun :)
Gomez (Werd / San Francisco)
excellent EP, loving all 4 cuts.
Ryo (Solstice, Japan)
a very attractive EP :) the S.O.G remix is the best!!!
Chloe Harris (Mashtronic Rec., Proton Radio)
shades of gray has the best crazy vocal ever. kreon remix sounds good and techy something to build with. murats remix will work for the housey crowd.
Stefan (Progressive World)
nice groovy original – a bit too simple though! shades of gray add some flavour! kreon could work in late warmups! murat provides a solid tech house version!
Alex Dolby
great release!!
Tom Wax (YOU FM)
Great tune! I liiiiiike!
Frank (Partysan Germany)
kreons mix for me. cool stuff!
Rocky (X-Press 2)
Shades Of Gray mix is excellent. Will play fo sure.
Timo Maas
kreon mix is good
Steve Parry (The Red Zone – Juice 107.6 FM)
murat kilic mix sounds tasty
Hatzler (Mothership / Dieb Audio)
would have loved to have the Orig. Version as an instrumental….
Prinz (White Night Mag / Radio FG)
The original & Shades of Gray remix are the Bomb !!!!
Kid Dub
great release! full support on the original mix and the shades of gray remix.
Yves Eaux
Superpackage, all mixes rock big time! Beef is defo one of my fave labels at the moment.
Feodor AllRight & Elena Mechta (AMDJS Radio Show / Russia)
Excellent! Will play original of “Hann”. Crazy percussion and vocals!
Nice groovy funky track
Orde Meikle (Slam)
cool remixes – will try out
Hernan Cattaneo
kreon mix for me
Chris Fortier
murat mix is great
Lance Harrison (Pinksilver / Kiss FM AU / Proton)
Diggin the stripped back beat and rhythm of Murats remix. The original and SOG are a bit too housey for my taste with the use of the vocal and stans but are very well made, will play Kreons in the early night and Murats in the early morn! Cheers
Stephan Hinz
Like the Shades Of Gray mix…
Original is a nice slice of deep groovy tech house.
Omar Neri (Presslaboys)
Great Works…. kreon for us
DJ Vibe
Full support! Thanks.
nice !
Jean Jerome (Radio FG)
Murat Kilic did a fuckin’ nice rework of the original track. My favourite version of course… Will play it asap.
not for me this time, thanks!
Des Des
good sound
Mat BUS records
great package, my fav is Kreon remix. love the groove and the twisted atmosphere. Mat aka D-sens
Anil Chawla (GU)
Orig mix for me, very nice.
Kreon Remix sounds pretty nice.
Christian Cambas
Digging the Murat Kilic Remix, nice and bouncy
Ismael Rivas (Factomania)
Excellent package¡¡¡¡¡¡
danny Serrano (Tapas rec)
fantastic relases!original and remixers!
thank’s you promo!
Da Sunlounge (Myna Music)
Good release, I like Marat Kilic remix,original might be my top pick though… thanks.
Da Sunlounge
Ben Irving (Nish Nish/365Mag/Pulse Radio/Electric Sheep/London Various)
Original or the shades of gray mix for me….wicked stuff.
really love this “Hann – original mix”
Mendo (Cadenza Records)
Kreon remix is for me, I play for sure !
Nice Package, all tracks are great !!! i’ll play for sure the original and Kreon remix
simon Digby (friend)
nice tune~~
Tomas Hedberg (Wonderland – Flow Viny – Wolf Music – POE)
Great release with quality mixes, original is cool together with the always good shades of gray, Murat Kilic also sounding interesting
will be playing this for sure
phil weeks (robsoul)
nice package
will play Kreon Mix
Anton fielding (Echomen)
Cooool shit
Sasch BBC (Brise Records / Plastic City)
thats nice stuff! i like the original version! really nice groove!
george sadlik (junkbeats)
Awesome package, there is a mix here for all people. Love the original, but will play all mixes depending on venue.
Timmy Stewart (Jet Project)
Tech house with soul, what’s not to like. All mixes fantastic.
MASTER-H (Komplex de deep)
will try the Original out!
erwan castex (rone)
I love original mix !
Sebastian Davidson (World Wide DJ)
Original and Murat Kilic remix going straight into wy wallet! Nice grooves, solid mixdown!
Fabio Giannelli (District Raw – Supplement Facts)
cool release here, kreon rmx is my favourite but all tracks sounds cool!! will play it out : )
magnus wedberg
Murat Kilic remix is killing it!
Feodor AllRight & Elena Mechta (AMDJS Radio Show)
Excellent! Will play “Hann” in original version. Crazy percussion and vocals! Thank you for the promo!
Zade (Beef / Love-hertz)
phat package!!!! :)
shurikan (Freerange)
the shades of grey mix is cool thanks!
Da Lukas
Ow she’s a Brick-house.. Nice sample from Commodores very cool!
Shades of Gray and Murat Kilic rmx is best mix for me.
Thank you.
Durham White (Beef Records)
not normally a fan of house music this just keeps on growing on you…
this track in any form should go down very smoothly… way to go Beef Recs & Hann!!
Martin Haberland
Another Good Release!!! Shades of Gray Rmx & Kreon Rmx
Bogdan (OK Corral)
i like shades of gray remix..those old school pads are just great !!
deepchild (Trapez / Resopal Schallware)
Been diggin’ on the Shades of Gray remix of this bad-boy for a while now. Lovely, lush and bouncy! Murat brings some lushness and latent acid love. Gorgeous.
Chris Combe (Pulse Radio)
this is definitely right in the pocket, groovy, funky and deep. I love it!!
boogs (dj)
Solid ep. thanks
YokoO (PlusMinus, Kina, Hertzlich)
Solid release there! Kreon’s take is massive! Really getting into the Murat Kilic version as well. Will be smashing those
dj Nori (posivision magazine / tokyo, Hypno Disk (japanese techno,Industrial Label))
Nice funky tribal release;-)))
Shades of Gray remix is very good sound!!
dave carden (kiss fm)
murat kilic remix all the way for me . great rhythm .
Great tracks! Will play for sure!!
Real Abstract (Eight Notes)
Heyyyyy !!! Good les gars !!! Bravo pour ce petit track bien sympa ! Une petit préférence pour le remix de Kreon !!! Good job !
Uone (label dj)
Massive support, the original has been blowing dancefloors away, 5/5. Love the hypnotic vocal
Lee Pennington (riffraff UK – Zoo Project Ibiza)
An excellent package that deserves the support on dancefloors. All mixes will be played.
Jürgen Kirsch (Stil Vor Talent / Glückskind)
yeah, i like all mixes, depends on the floors mood which fits :) thanks!
Saccobros (
great Ep!, like the original mix very fresh housy groove & vocals… will play it for sure
Kley (dj)
I like original and Murat Kilic remix!!
Very good vibes!!!
beauty & the beat (as)
groovy shit! will support the shades of gray
Peter Horrevorts
Hard to pick which one to play. All versions have there strength but i love the kreon and the shades of gray versions most. Thanks!
Lucas Hulan (Nightphunk Rec.)
Total Killer Release..full support guys
F.E.X (Robotronic)
shades of gray remix for me
Emerson Todd
sorry guys just not feeling the vocal in this … :(
next time
Simon (Simon & Shaker)
OMG, what a single! Superb remixes but the original does the job here for me. Thanks! 8/10
roman rai (roxy prague)
thnxs for the release !! i like most original nad Murat Kilic remix ! nice work !
Jose Maria Ramon (Ibiza Global Radio)
Original & Murat are the ones for me ;)
perfect sound for play on Ibiza Global Radio ;)
Hann Original is the one ! Will play it !
leonardo falfan (Kabuto&Koji)
Murats’ rmx my pick!great job! would like to play it!
Roberdo (Mushroom magazine / /
I like the distinct housey moment in all the tracks and the very good production quality (even in these samples), still they are pretty minimal resp. functional for my current taste and sound kind of same. Anyway, Shade of Grey and Murat Kilic Remixes are definitely bangers which may make it into my top picks november.
Steven M (two-B-music)
original and shades of gray rmx are lovely. will play them out loud. thank you.
Manuel Sahagun (Candy Music)
Loving this release! Kreon remix is my favourite. It will make people go crazy!
Cecille (Dj Cecille)
wicked, awesome work from a great french duo
Brian Tuu (Batofar / Backstage)
well done Manjas ! great first release !!! Hann is one of this track wich will follow me in every party I play ! Favourite track is the original mix. Full support !
Arjun Vagale (Frisky/Proton/Beef/Vapour)
another monster on Beef !!! Kreon & Shades of Gray remixes are solid !!

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