BEEFEP002 Shades of Gray – Simplicity

A: Shades Of Gray – Simplicity (Original mix)
B1: Shades Of Gray – Simplicity (MOS Back to Dark remix)
B2: Shades Of Gray – Simplicity (Alex Kenji minimal remix)
Preview all tracks:
Release Info:
The project – Shades of Gray was founded at the end of 2006 by Michal Ruzicka (dj Schwa) and Nick West (Floattank). As the name implies, Shades of Gray reflects many different aspects of electronic music. Both Michal and Nick have diverse musical backgrounds and have found a conduit to express these influences through this collaboration. MOS has already given so much to the world of electronic music and has plenty more left in him to share. There is no doubt that MOS has an exquisite taste for his productions and a strength and technique that make his dj sessions stand out. His tracks we signed to labels such as Sprout, Vapourize, Swift… and supported by the biggest international DJs. Internationally respected dj/producer with over 10 experiences in djing and producing. Outside the club, Alex is A&R of Italian record label 9records, studio owner and count collaboration with worldwide independent and major labels such as Ministry of Sounds UK, E.M.I. Italy, EQ Australia, Cyber FR, Presslab and more. Remixes by MOS and Alex Kenji gives this debut EP diversity of style.
Supported and played by:
Hernan Cattaneo (Renaissance), D-Nox (Sprout), Nick and John Dalagelis (Audio Therapy), Pena (Flow), Steven-M (Two-B), Guy J (Electribe/Mutekki), Stephan Hinz (Kling Klong), Pavel Bidlo, Mycklick and others.

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