BEEF068 Shades of Gray – Unlock the Rhythm Remixes Pt. 2


1. Shades Of Gray – Tonight is the Night (Smash TV remix)
2. Shades Of Gray – Night At The Spice Cellar (Nathan G remix)
3. Shades Of Gray vs JML – 747 (The Checkup remix)
Preview all tracks:
Release info:
Second installment of the ‘Unlock The Rhythm’ remix package. This time with Get Physical / B-Pitch duo Smash TV, Large’s music Nathan G and a fresh Brussels based wizards The Checkup. Musical variety at it’s best.
Beef Records is the label run by Shades Of Gray (Dj Schwa & Nick West). Established in 2006, they have worked with countless top artists including Pezzner, Mike Monday, Scope, The Timewriter and Shur-I-Kan.
Selected feedback:
Djuma Soundsystem (Djuma Soundsystem): Great solid pack here! Nathan G’s the winner for me! Thanks!
Joyce Muniz (FM4 radio, Exploited): cool remix selection !! thumbs up for smash tv remix
Jay West (moodmusic): love nathan’s rmx!

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