BEEF061 VA Seasons: Fall


1. QOSVO – My Love
2. Arco – Pump
3. Zuckre – You Know What I Need
4. Reblok – Thugs & Thiefs
5. Espada – Stripping
6. Reblok – My Sins (feat. Nikky)
Preview all tracks:
Release info:
After the great EP/compilation called ‘Seasons: Winter’ we bring you already ‘Fall’ (or Autumn or whatever you prefer). Somehow we managed to skip ‘Summer’. Don’t ask why, you know, the sun was shining a we were busy getting f***ed, and of course we were travelling around summer gigs and festivals. But, like in this case, patience sometimes brings its reward. We have managed to collect four super strong post-summer tunes for your crate. We wont disturb you with too many details about artists involved. Let the music speak instead.
Beef Records is the label run by Shades Of Gray (Dj Schwa & Nick West). Established in 2006, they have worked with countless top artists including Pezzner, Mike Monday, Scope, The Timewriter and Shur-I-Kan.
Selected feedback:
Gwen Maze (One Rec., Silvernetwork): Really nice package here thx a lot
Vanilla Ace (OFF, Toolroom): Dark sounds, like the Arco and Reblok tracks best
Arjun Vagale (Trapez Ltd / Herzblut / Suara): Great ep. Pump is wicked
Nathan G (Luvbug / Large / Liebe*Detail): The Zuckre production is the one for me here. Moody n Deep! Best of luck with the Fall release. Thx.
Simon Caldwell (FBI Radio /Mad Racket): Another strong and varied Beef EP. Nice vibes.
Dilby (Beef Records / Mother Recordings):) Reblok and Espada cuts are on point. Cheers.
Chris fortier (fade/field trip): Cool vibes on this ep all fitting together nice!

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