BEEF040 Uone, Shades of Gray – Some like it hot

1) Shades of Gray, Uone – Flying High
2) Shades of Gray, Uone – Some Like it Hot
3) Shades of Gray, Uone – Some Like it Hot (Nicone remix)
4) Shades of Gray, Uone – Some Like it Hot (Gabe remix)
Preview all tracks:
Release info:
Ewan Scott aka Uone is a hard working dj, successful promoter and party animal hailing from Melbourne. With another Australian summer drawing to a close, Uone teamed up with Shades Of Gray to bring his second release on Beef “Some Like It Hot”. The title track is drawing on influences of melodic tech house, tribal percussion and cheeky vocals. On remix duties we have Brazilian groove master Gabe, providing a bass driven club monster. The second remix is by Nicone from Bar25 and Stil Vor Talent. Alex’s interpretation takes the track in  a deep, more twisted direction. This EP is polished off with a chord inspired deep house track titled “Flying High.
Butch (Cecille)
great ep thx
Peter Horrevorts (Gem)
uone is one sexy mf. so is this release! flying high is sweet but nicone’s remix works best for me.
SCOPE (Seven Music)
Feelin the original and gabe remix of make it hot!
Nick K (lowriders, yoshitoshi)
original slih works best for me.
Still Rob G (Om records / Endup)
Flying high is super cool. The Nicone remix of Some Like it Hot is really interesting. I like the original too.
Asad Rizvi (Reverberations)
Best promo I have heard this week. Right up my Straße. Thanks ;)
Todd Burns (RA)
Thanks, downloading.
Sascha Koesch (debug)
review to follow
Paco Osuna (mindshake/plus 8)
download thank you ;)
SOG and Uone – what a yammy tech house OZ beef combination! well done.
Arara (Brise/Back and Forth/Noir)
Great release. Gabe remix is great!!!
Linda Jenssen
Nice work! Think the original of Some Like It Hot is favorite :)
DJ Trinity (DJ/Promoter/Producer)
Really like flying high. Will play :)
Kirby (Nordic Trax, Darkroom Dubs, Elevation, Loco Records, Kolour…)
Great EP ! i do really like ‘Flyin high’, ‘Some like it hot’ is a nice big room track! Thanks !
Manuel Lobo
Very good ep!!! The original for me
YVES EAUX (global DJ/producer)
very cool release
advokkat (Groove Is In The House)
Good Package – Different kind, flying high is wavy and some like it hot is very hot with a good rythmic – remixes is good too – We ll paly on the radio for sure. Thanks 
Jamie White (George FM / Murmur NZ)
liking this! testing flying high this eve.
Simon Caldwell (Mad Racket / FBI Radio)
Great stuff! Like the title track and Flying High. Will support.
Richie – untitledmusic (untitledmusic)
Quality vibe, rolling grooves and big beats! Top! Some Like It Hot! No arf! 
Shivers* (ACT YO AGE / SOUTHEN FRIED etc )
Another amazing release from BEEF! Full support! x
Lucas Hulan (Nightphunk, Prague)
Luv It.. all tracks are good fav is Flying High..
Alex Douche
Nice release! Thanks!
Gavin Martin (GMJ) (vapour/open)
great ep, nice work on all tracks! Really like “some like it hot” my fave, quality Uone atmospherics are very nice & great funk all round! Really like the Gabe also, thanks for sending!
Mozaic (Travieso (San Francisco))
Ah nice tunes for the warmer weather (over here anyway)! Even with the Morrison sample, I think ‘Flying High’ is the fave for me. ;)
Tim Richards (George Fm)
Flying High is my pick here, LUSH!
Josef Sedlon (Radio 1 Prague)
fresh techhouse stuff, will support
Nori (posivision mag)
Smooth, Groovy, Gabe remix is cool one!
YokoO (Plastic City/MGF/Affin)
I like it hot too! Nicone’s remix is the one for me! Cool tripped out grooves
Johan Nilsson (Digitally Imported Inc)
Cool deep tech house here. Recommended!
Pena (Flow)
amazing package. hard to choose a fav. full supporting.
joshua (extended play)
some like it hot = wicked.
Little Fritter (Wizard)
some like it hot… well, im one of those! especially the groove in nicone’s remix :)
Arielle (INgrooves)
sweet music to my ears!
Tim Rial (Brother)
Downloading for Audiojack who will feedback if they like the track
markus schulz (gdjb)
downloading thnks
Da Lukas
Love it Flying High and Some Like it Hot (Gabe remix)
Thank you!
Arjun / Jalebee (Beef / MakTub / Vapour / Ostwind)
Some Like it Hot is very good !! Gabe’s remix for me
Thomas DJ Connecto (BPM MAG)
Another pound of A Grade Beef serving
Two stunning tracks with classic remix by Gabe
Myclick ( / Radio 1)
Haha, everything is about samples… Good choice in this case. There is not bad version. Very strong and very powerful release. Tomorrow I´ll be play it @ our radio show Fluffy Clouds. Big Up! & cheeers from Prague!
Durham White (Beef Records)
the remixes are very catchy!!
dubfire (sci tec)
downloading for dubfire.
didier (yes please )
flyin high with the bird of pray !
Lee Pennington (riffraff / Zoo Project)
Liking the Gabe mix a lot
Silky JacK (,,,,, Easy Notes Radio Show)
Flying High is an amusable track; though I must say I don’t like the use of the sample that much, it fits fine in the story of the track and the overall atmosphere is nice.
Some like it hot is a firm party-like right on groover for those late hour sets; like this one a lot!
The Nicone Remix is even better, nice work; a more hypnotising feel than the original.. Love it!!
Elie Eidelman ((JackOff / SweatLodge))
the Nicone remix is hot!
Great work on Flying High and Gabe remix!
Alec Araujo
Big Ep. “Some Like it Hot (Gabe remix)”. Thanks a lot.

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