BEEF039 The Timewriter – Smooth Controller

1) The Timewriter – Smooth Controller
2) The Timewriter – Salt Skin Love
3) The Timewriter – Silkimono
Preview all tracks:
Release info:
Since more than 15 years now, The Timewriter aka Jean F. Cochois is respected as one of the top producers within the international House scene. His trademark style can be characterised by his dense and atmospheric sound based on sophisticated musicality. No wonder why his tracks and remixes are often signed by the biggest labels in the underground house scene. We are happy to present The Timewriter in this 3 track EP exploring various shades of the contemporary house music.
Welcome to the sound of the 21st century soul music. Remixes will follow later in the year.
Simon Baker (2020 Vision)
Liking this release a lot. Smooth controller!
Pezzner (Freerange, Om Records)
Silkimono is the one here! Very nice, full support from me.
Peter Horrevorts (Gem records, Beef)
smooth, sexy & cozy! silkimoo is the one for me.
Criss Source (mauritius / circle music)
very nice tracks… thx
Paco Ssuna (plus 8)
download thank you :)
Hernan Cattaneo
quality house!
Daniel Kyo (I Records)
Wow!!This sounds so fresh through my ears…Love all the tracks, especially “Smooth Controller”. Another big one from the master!
Chris fortier (fade/field trip)
the blueprint maker for all things deep for over a decade. the timewirter rules
Deepchild (Trapez)
that classic, dubby, warm and emersive deephouse sound…few do it with as much as The Timewriter.
Lukas Greenberg (plastic city radioshow)
Yeah…great release…full support!!!
Blacksoul (Strictly Rhythm)
Smooth Controller is beautiful
Roberto Rodriguez (Serenades)
Once again a great release from mr. Cochois!
Lovely vibe!
Josef Sedlon (Radio 1 Prague)
More deeper hypnotic stuff from Timewriter, my fav is SMooth Controller
nice one “smooth controller” is great will play
Asad Rizvi (Reverberations)
Fabulous EP all round…will def’ be giving these a whirl!
daniel.fx (kina, highgrade, trenton)
they are great!! lov it…thx
Leo (Re-UP) (Uponyou/Dissonant/Kina)
class ep
Smooth controller and Silkimono are my picks
Karlyn Neel (The Endup)
Loving the groove and chords on Silkimono. Feeling it!
Linda Jenssen
Always loved The Timewriter’s tunes!!
Lewis Ryder (Bigger Deer Recordings)
Really like the vibes of Salt Skin Love!
roman rai (roxy prague)
Super Ep… will play for sure
Elie Eidelman ((JackOff / SweatLodge))
Silkoimono is the one for me. love the vibe and the 90’s vocals… full support!
Lucas Hulan (Nightphunk, Chapeau Rouge)
Full Support my dear Beef Records…nice work
Simon Caldwell (Mad Racket / FBI Radio)
Feodor AllRight & Elena Mechta (AMDJS Radio Show)
Have no doubts about this EP cause here is the legendary The Timewriter Himself.
Joshua Collins (Sony AU, Defected, NRK, Urbantorque)
All 4 tracks are great!!!
isaac tucker (spektrum U.K.)
Love it!! This label is now really gathering pace as being one of the top underground (serious) house music outputs around today. This release fits the bill perfectly. Silkimono is the roller that turns me on. 90s bliss, tweeked with all the clarity we love to hear today.
Magnus Wedberg aka Tourist
Wow! all racks are hot! fave is Silkimono. will def support!
Marc Cotterell (Siteholder / Thoughtless / Klectik)
Great EP. loved Timewriter for many years now, Jigsaw Pieces is still and always some of the best house music ever. Silkimono
i will play for sure
Josh (Extended Play / Inner Child)
Silkimono is Silkisick! ;)
Hayden (Fiord)
VEry Nice Ep. All tracks are slick. easy groove! Smooth controller alright!
Mozaic (Travieso (San Francisco))
Grooves for days! Liking all 3, but ‘Smooth Controller’ is the money shot. Quality :)
logan Baker (last Minute Events )
fantastic Ep . will play for sure . cheers
Boris Hotton
Good stuff from The Timewriter. Silkimono is the one for me. thx
Jesus Pablo (26 Tea Drops / Cubism / Deso)
Quality EP from The Timewriter and another quality release from BEEF… loving all 3… but Silkimono stands out for me and will be in future sets… will be supporting… :)
Nori (posivision mag)
Sounds cool, real depth groove!!
george sadlik (
Silkimono is the track for all lovers of deep percussive house. This is sure to go into high rotation in my collection.
Da Lukas
Smooth Controller is very great vibes!!
Will play for sure!
Andrew Wowk (3D World Magazine/Chinese Laundry)
Salt Skin Love is very very cool :)
Robbie Lowe (DJ/Producer)
Nice! Loving the whole release … Deep, Atmospheric and Classy … I have a feeling I’ll be playing this e.p for a while :-)
Jose Maria Ramon (Ibiza Global Radio)
really cool sounds
full support from Ibiza Global Radio
Silky Jack (Beef Records,,,, House Mates Radio Show,
Excellent set of tracks by Mr Timewriter.. Love the Salt Skin Love..
Will be featured in my Easy Notes show on and to start with. I’ll keep you posted with tracklists
Classic House Music CLASSIC HOUSE MUSIC!
Another amazing Ep from BEEF our fullest support!
Alec Araujo
This EP is huge. I’il play both tracks. Thanks.
Amo + Navas (fresco records)
not for us
vidal rodriguez (dj blue marlin ibiza)
nice work!!
Pena (Flow)
classy as always. supporting
Myclick ( / Radio 1)
Mmmm, not everyone understand house music but this is GR8! Salt Skin Love is da best! Where is the formula? So fluffy, so deep, so friendly, he is the king – I love it! BTW: Nice cover! Big Up! & cheeers from Prague!
Orkun Bozdemir (DJ)
hypnotic depth
Pat Fontes (Airdrop Records)
Salt Skin Love is one for me – very nice
chubby (Dubz)
Nice traxx always a bit fan of timewriter
full support
chubby dubz
dave carden (kiss fm)
some lovely deep grooves on this release
Justin Space ((Producer/DJ, Planetaria Recordings))
Salt Skin works for me!
Kasey Taylor (Vapour Recordings)
All over it, how can you not be? Thanks..

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