BEEF037 SCOPE – Feel It

1) SCOPE – Feel It
2) SCOPE – Feel It (The Timewriter remix)
3) SCOPE – Feel It (Shades Of Gray remix)
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Release info:
Scope is DJ & Producer Ric McClelland. His Deep & Melodic take on House has been gaining support from the likes of Sander Kleinenberg, Jimpster, Silicone Soul, Fish Go Deep, Nic Fancuilli plus many other top flight DJ’s and music lovers. Feel It is a monster tune with complex harmonies and strong groove that will rock any dancefloor.
On the remix duties we have The Timewriter from Plastic City/Strictly Rhythm who takes us on a deep journey through his musical but minimalistic interpretation of “Feel It”. The second remix is by our very own Shades Of Gray who added bit more swing and groove to the original tune.
We hope you Feel It!
Funk d’void (soma)
loving this EP!!! Shades of Grey remix is ace!
Milton Jackson (Freerange)
really nice ep from 3 good production acts! thanks for sending
Matt Masters (Freerange/ DJ/ Producer)
Wicked EP guys. Ric does it again and with a Timewriter remix like this its a top package! Full support…
Shur-i-kan (Freekrange)
strong release. maybe timewriters mix squeezes it for me
Laurent Garnier
SCOPE as beautiful as ever
Will play everywhere for sure
Nils Nuernberg (8bit, Liebe Detail, NRK, Noir)
Awesome release. The whole deep house mafia in one package… lol You cannot go wrong with this! THX
Jim Rivers (four:twenty/intec)
original and shades of grey for me
Ekkohaus (cargo edition)
Great release from Beef…..i am a fun of Scope ‘s deep vibes…..the original is my peak…thanx..Ekko…
Leigh Morgan (Urban Torque)
I’ve been supporting the original for a while now, enjoying the new takes from Timewriter and Shade Of Gray, quality release
Alland Byallo (Poker Flat, Liebe*Detail)
Love that Timewriter remix!
Soul Minority
Wicked EP, love all versions !!
Will play and chart !
Thanks !!!
Daniel Kyo (NRK)
Original and Timewriter remix for me!!
Roberto Rodriguez (Frozen North Sauna Sessions)
Yeah! Ric does it again. Cool track with groovy remixes. Will be banging this one.
bleed (debug)
review to follow
Björn Wilke (Kaato Music)
timewriter remix for me. xx
Danny Howells (Dig Deeper)
Ric keepin’ it deep, which is what we like!! Many thanks :)
bearweasel (tsuba)
valentin huedo (cafe del mar/Ibiza Sonica)
deeep…good one, will play
Manuel Sahagun (Candy Music)
Beef at its best!
Kiko Navarro (Ocho productions)
really like the original mix
Lee Pennington (*riffraff / Zoo Project)
Hood release from Scope here and really liking the Timewriter remix
Josef Sedlon (Radio 1 Prague)
You have gradually better names in your catalogue, Feel it is great package full of groove and deep vibe
Maros Glaubic (
great release. timewriter for me.
leo leal (sci tec)
timewriter is cool i will send to ali thanks
Logan Baker (Last Minute Events )
timewriter is the pic for me . all pretty dope tho . keep em coming beef , Big ups from NZ !!
dimitri nakov (global radio/never say never)
Slick tracks, timewriter rmx eve slicker as expected.
Downloading, playing, supporting.
Danny Graham (Tokio Recordings/Zool Muzic/Proton Radio)
Top stuff as ever from Scope. Remixes are classy too.
boris hotton (troubled kids)
feel it! i do!
James Blonde (Sweat Lodge Radio)
nice package thanks will be played on Sweat Lodge Radio
isaac Tucker (spektrum U.K.)
I like it… pretty classic deep house with a perky edge. Could be now, could be back in the 90s, nothing wrong with that!
Evgeny (BEEF)
HOT :)
deepchild (Trapez / Resopal Schallware /OPOSSUM )
Elegant deep-house. Nuff said.
Mike Kolour Recordings (Kolour Recordings )
well this one certainly shaped up into quite a peach! i’ve always been a fan of the original version but the timewriter remix definitely offers up a nice little twist to the whole affair! definitely feeling the deep, late night direction he took with it. shades of grey remix missed my mark but that’s quite alright .. altogether it’s a well tidy package!
Julian Moore (Digging Deep (Singapore))
Ric’s original is just flippin’ sensational! Chunky, lush and groovy as hell. Can’t wait to play it.
Leo (Re-UP) (UponYou/Microfibres/Kinamusic)
Nice Timewriter remix
Johan Nilsson (Digitally Imported Radio)
Quality deep house. Enjoying original and timewriter remix
All tracks are cool…!
Lucas Hulan (Nightphunk Rec.)
Like Scope Original Mix…will play that for sure. nice guys
Silky JacK (,,,, beef Records)
Top notch house music, so beautifully basic and real!!!
The timewriter on the remix hell yeah!!
Fine pumpy remix by Shades Of Gray.
What a release again, like it.
Will support this one for sure bro!!
Arjun/Jalebee (MakTub/Beef/Vapour/frequenza)
brillant remix by SOG
Dave Slade (Stallone-Sydney)
shades of grey mix os the one for me. well done nice record
simon Digby (friend)
Mozaic (Glimmer of Dope)
What a lovely end-of-summer tune. :) Original is the fave, but I’d play either of the rmxs too. Nice one
Tomas Hedberg
Great Ep, will try this out!
Thanks :)
eric volta (dirtybird records, four:twenty recordings)
sick tracks! full support!
Martin Haberland (mie @
i feel it!!! this is the deep house music what we like! great release! I like all mixes but the timewriter is the one! thanks guys & cheeers from Slovakia :-)
Little Fritter (Wizard)
OOooh i like this ep, in particular the original… will play :)
Chris Combe (pulse radio)
solid EP, lush deep goodness.. Shades of Grey remix is killer, I am a sucker for the keys
YokoO (Musik Gewinnt Freunde/Kina/Affin)
I am on a vegetarian diet at the moment… so keeeeen for some BEEF! The whole EP is great – favorite is The Timewriter Remix! Nice one
Tim Richards (Curfew, Oosh, Rekluse, Flow, George Fm)
original & timewriter remix for me!
thank you
Rosario (Dj)
Great Trax guys..they all groove and I’m looking forward to play them!!!
marc Cotterell (siteholder/Thoughtless/Night Drive Music)
NIce work. on all 3 tracks. will play out
Alec Araujo
Amazing tracks. Huge ep. Thanks
Sebastian Bayne (IF? / Beef / CLiq)
The Timewriter remix is the one for me, very smooth. All track great though.
Shades Of Gray remix is very nice groove!!!
Myclick ( / Radio 1 )
OMG! It will be ace! Two studio celebrities together + future celebrities Shades Of Gray?! Unbelievable! I love the fluffy original + Shades Of Gray remix – lots of gradations, fantastic sound, lots of sound effects and the strong piano. Very funky, they are in unique form, just now! I must play @ our Radio show Fluffy Clouds this thursday of course! Cheeeers from Prague & lots of inspiration 4 nu stuff!
Feodor AllRight & Elena Mechta (AMDJS Radio Show – broadcasted on 28 radio stations in Russia, Brazil, Lithuania, France, Ukraine, Italy)
Completely great! The original, the remixes… Will support.
Da Lukas
The Timewriter remix is very cool, but Shades of Gray rmx is a bomb for me!
Great and fresh job!
Steven M (two-B-music)
thank you…original & shades of gray remix are good. fluffy, solid deep house. gonna play…
Florian Kruse (NRK / NOIR)
Suspekt (Open Records / timeOUT )
Cool deep house groovers. I like ths Shades mix best. Good after hours tunes.
Pena (Flow)
Big fan of Timewriter. SOG rmx is tops. great release!!
Robbie Lowe
Superb! Loving all the mixes, especially Timewriter’s … Deep House perfection x
Luke Bowditch (Kiss FM / Tramp / Drum Ride Recordings)
Wow… 3 of my favourite producers in one mix package! How did you manage that…?
It’s a line-call. I’m diggin’ all three mixes. All great, all different. Full radio & club support!
Nori (posivision mag)
The Timewriter remix is great!!
Mark Lowry (Shindig) (DJ – Producer)
Great stuff from Ric and a wicked remix from Timewriter, full support
Petr Braun (NIghtphunk Rec.)
Great release,contains high quality music,original mix is my favourite,but im lovin all mixes!!!
Arielle (INgrooves)
Let’s get rocking :)
tobias koch (radio FRITZ / berlin)
timewriter rmx is brilliant!!!
Wow – another stellar release form the Beef Stable!
Full support! X
Elie Eidelman (Dirt Crew Rec / Jack Off Rec)
Nice one, will support for sure. I like the deepness of the original and the Shades of gray uplifting vibe! cheers
dave carden (kiss fm)
Super dubby vibes on this release with The Timewriter remix nailing it
Stephen day
A great deep track as alwasys from Scope. Two quaility remixs to accompany
D-sens (Bus rec)
All mix are very cool and different, superb EP guys !!!
my fav will go to the original even if i will play all im sure.
full support !!!
DJ Kara_Maehl /Moosfiebr (Kinky Beats / Echoes Rec / Attitude Rec)
not this time, thanks anyway! :-)
Zade (Beef Records/Save Room Records)
Shades of gray & timewriter mixes are great, will play this weekend!

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