BEEF036 Nunzi & Rohin – 1950

1) Nunzi & Rohin – 1950
2) Nunzi & Rohin – 1950 (Shades Of Gray “nuts bang” remix)
3) Nunzi & Rohin – 1950 (Talal & Zoi remix)
4) Nunzi & Rohin – 1950 (Phillip O remix)

Preview all tracks:
Release info:
BEEF records is proud to present the “1950” EP by New York based duo Nunzi & Rohin. In this extraordinary EP the future meets the past – modern production techniques are well blended with the vibe of the early 50’s funk and jazz era. This EP is ready to rock any dance floor with it’s melodic approach and well familiar structure as well as it loose but jacking jazzy groove’s.
On remix duties Beef label heads Shades Of Gray have resampled the main hook and given their signature touch to the production. This colourful remix has been getting hammered in the clubs and it really brings the crowd to the boil
Dirty Bird’s Talal & Zoi approached the track in a more stripped back tech house way, which is just what you need to fit it perfectly in your dj set. Canadian maestro, Phillip O has delivered the 3rd remix which represents a modern deep house edit without any lack of energy.
This EP is specially blended for dance parties of all kinds. Play it loud!
amo + navas (fresco records)
talal & Zoi remix works for us..
Hugo  (Good Vibes)
the talal&zoi remix is great! big up!
Eric Entrena (Dj)
WOW!! I can’t take just one!! Loving all of them!!
peter horrevorts (kanzleramt / gem / suol)
yeaah all mixes are amazing.. hard to pick so lets try m all! think ill go for original or shades of grey rmx…
Kasey Taylor (Vapour Recordings)
Shades of Grey remix. Strange but cool.. Original for sure.. :)
Pablo Fierro (irecords/Dark Energy)
Great stuff!! i will play to night! thank you for send.
soul minority (Kolour Recordings)
Great EP, love all tracks !
Thanks a lot for the promo …
deepchild (Trapez / Resopal Schallware)
Jaunty, to be sure! I think I prefer the understated Phillip O remix best. Bring out yer bootleg liquor!
Isaac Tucker (Spektrum)
Awesome!!!! the best release you have sent out yet!!!
Exactly the kind of beats Im dropping right now. And the sound is infectious, all over London people are taking Swing dance lessons and there is a strong sense that Techno/swing is dominating the direction of the future here. More like this please!!!
Tim Richards (Curfew, Oosh, George Fm)
beef come through again!
resident advisor (resident advisor)
Pat heart (dj / Producer )
As usual !! Soundz good ;]
Josef Sedlon (Radio 1 Prague)
I like deep vibe of Phillip O remix
Josh Manke (Dj/producer)
Love it!!!! Talal and zoi rmx kicks ass!!
Lee Pennington (*riffraff UK, Zoo Project )
Loving the Phillip O mix and will play this at the Zoo Project
Noah Pred (Thoughtless Music)
Talal & Zoi + Phillip O mixes work for me – great deep grooves!
Uone (Label Dj)
Full Support, been rocking the Shades Of Gray remix, the stand out for sure. Also loving the Phillip O remix. Anohter quality EP from the BEEF fridge.
nice stuff thanks!
Slater (Tribal Vision Records)
Cool jazzy stuff, will play and support SOG and Talal & Zoi remixes
Durham White (Beef Records)
very cool… def. swingin’ with this one!! hot original!! Shades also keepin’ in style!!
Really want to feel these in a waterside bar!!
Cecille (DJ)
nice deep jazzy vibes on the original mix
James Blonde (Sweat Lodge Radio)
coolrelease,like all mixes thanks
spettro (uniform recordings)
Original mix is hot!
Manuel Sahagun (Candy Music)
Original mix is great… and Shades Of Gray too!
Tim Rial (none)
Downloading on behalf of Audiojack. Feedback is not guaranteed however if they give these tracks any airplay they will usually be in touch. Thanks.
Simon Caldwell (Mad Racket / FBI Radio)
Fun swingin’ tune!
Arjun/Jalebee (MakTub/Beef/Vapour/frequenza)
WOW !!! SOG remix is PHATNESSSSS! original is ace ofcourse
Roy RosenfelD (Definitive/Neurotraxx Deluxe)
thanks, the Phillip O remix and the original for me. good release
Ben Irving (Nish Nish/365Mag/Pulse Radio/Electric Sheep/London Various)
Doing the charleston in my pants as we speak…big support. Nice Quirky vibes. Shades of Gray or Talal and Zoi for me. Nice one, Cheers, Ben :)
robbie Lowe
Thanks … Downloading Now !
Lewis Ryder (Bigger Deer Recs / Space Ibiza Resident 2009)
Original is my fav. Cheers, LR
Suspekt (Open Records / timeOUT Magazine / NewsLtd)
Lovely jazzy deepness here… reminds me of a smoky chicago jazz house in the 50s… wicked. Lovely remixes too, especially the shades… support!
funkform (open records )
Original and Shades of Gray rmx are my pic. .Phillip O rmx is deep too
Arielle (INgrooves)
Keeping it on file! :)
philip bader
i like the talal & zoi rmx the most !!!
cool tunes . will play it !
Little Fritter (Wizard)
Big stuff.. can see the kids loving this ep, Phillip O mix is cool but its still not really my boogie sorry :)
sabb (sk supreme)
i like the talal & zoi rmx !
Ant Brooks
Loving Phillip O mix!!
roman rai (roxy prague)
i quitte like the Phillip O remix. think have a quiite energy. even for the starts on the bigger room..
Justin James (Definitive)
The original and three amazing takes at it are all fresh…
I think we’ll see one or a few in the charts…
Zade Cross (Greelpound)
Philip O remix is my fav. Thanks
bobby (maximal Productions, Boston)
nice release!
Chris Combe (pulse radio)
old school jazzy vibe brought into the modern life.. can’t stop listening to the shades of gray remix
logan baker (Last minute events )
dope ep . nice and rolling. All mixes are wicked iin there own way . nice one Beef!
Johan Nilsson (Digitally Imported Radio)
Nice package. Enjoying the jazzy sounds over the house beats. Works well!
Pena (flow)
retrodelica :-) thxx
Jörg Finckbein (
like the vibes, perfect for berlin afterhours. ‘shades of gray nuts bang remix’ is my pick.
luc hulan (nightphunk)
Like Shades Of Gray mix…
Bo.dan (Solstice rec./Vodkaredbull rec.)
Great stuff !
Da Lukas (Hysterical, Ministry Of Sound, Killa Tunes)
Shades Of Gray Nuts Bang remix is great!
D-sens (Bus rec)
supa groove supa vibe supa release !!!
all mix are great, my fav is: Philip O remix
will play and support !!!
Silky JacK (Beef Records,,,
The original is outstandingly brilliant!!!
The Shades Of Gray Remix is a party monster, great!!
Talal & Zoi go straight forward but what an energy..
Philip O strips it down and leaves us with a deep house gem to melt for.
The Beef Records releases continue to grow stronger and stronger, excellent music!!
Respect to you..
All The Best,
Markus Schulz (Global DJ Broadcast)
Treavor Moontribe (INgrooves)
Very cool tracks….
Feodor AllRight & Elena Mechta (AMDJS Radio Show / Russia, Brazil, Lithuania, France, Ukraine)
Jazzy! Fresh! And juicy!
Will play and chart.
Béla En (Radio 1)
Really interesting blend of sounds
george sadlik (
It’s the Shades Of Gray mix for me on this on EP. Reminds me of a jacked up DC !
Myclick ( / Radio 1 )
Hehe, no 80´s are back! 50´s not die! :) I know about the love to trumpet @ BEEF Records. Good job again, I love Shades Of Gray remix and Talal & Zoi remix is so maaaasssive, ready for massive sound system, it works! Cheeers from Prague, next thursday I must play it in our radio show Fluffy Clouds!My
YVES EAUX (Global DJ/producer)
Fantastic Package!
Magnus Wedberg
Phillip O remix is my fav here. great tune!
boogs (dj)
thanks, this is right up my alley
DJ Connecto (BPM MAG)
Jazzy Swing Tech House, Intelligent warm Saxy and infectious grooves… Classy remix by Shades of Gray and others. This is dance floor Dynamite
John jastszebski (Subversaal Musik – 7oz Records)
Original and shades of Gray remix for me ! Great tune for the summer !
Mozaic (Glimmer Of Dope)
Very quirky, cool sound… the remixes are all nice, but feeling the Phillip O rub the most.
Sense (dj)
Nice EP! I like it remix from Talal & Zoi and also deep version from Phillip O. Thank you
riccicomoto (ibiza global radio)
…marvelous rythm sounds…perfect for a summer session…keep up dis groovin…
advokkat (Groove Is In The House)
Yes – Sure It s a bomb – And more, Shades of Gray mix is very good. I add these EP in my radio show. Thanks for this promo.
daniel.fx (kina, highgrade, trenton)
thnaks guys…the phillip o rmx is for me. dont like the samples that much though. keep it on. best
Ondrej (Tvyks)
nice EP for the summer nights. Shades Of Gray remix is my favourite.
Martin Haberland (Mie @
Yeah, veeery nice jazzy vibes! Shades of Gray & Phillip O Remixes Will be playing for sure. Excellent job once again…

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