BEEF034 Cosmic Cowboys – Amor Vincit Omnia

1) Cosmic Cowboys – Amor Vincit Omnia
2) Cosmic Cowboys – Amor Vincit Omnia (Herb Lf remix)
3) Cosmic Cowboys – Home is where your heart is
4) Cosmic Cowboys – Home is where your heart is (YokoO remix)
Preview all tracks:
Release info:
Beef records is proud to present an extraordinary EP by Cosmic Cowboys, Amor Vincit Omnia. This is truly a slice of the romantic side of techno. Their deep rhythms and sophisticated melodies will blow you away on first listen. Its no wonder that Cosmic Cowboys are releasing on such high profile labels as Ostwind, Trenton, Resopal and Kolletive Turmstrasse’s label MGF.
On remix duties we have Herb Lf from the infamous West Park Unit. Herbs remix is one for lovers of the sophisticated deep house sound. The second remix is by French but Australian based producer YokoO (MGF, Kina). This is another great, deep interpretation sure to wobble a fow dancefloors.
Enjoy this deep but dance floor friendly release from the Beef records stable.
Reviewed by Culpa Events.
Soul Minority
Suberb EP !!
Love all tracks and remixes, will play !
david Durango (Dessous, Pokerflat, NRK)
yeahhhh herblf is amazing rmx….very nice and home is where your heart is is a very deep track i like…full support for this
Daniel Kyo (I Records)
Nice Ep from the Cowboys! And can´t help to go again here for the FAT sound from Herb!!
bleed (debug)
review to follow
Laurent Garnier
Good deep tracks
will play track 1 and 4
Mic Newman (murmur)
Home is where your heart is (YokoO remix) is the one for me! Great release
Tim Richards (Curfew, Oosh, George Fm)
home is where the heart is, fantastic! thank you
kasey Taylor (Vapour Recordings)
Amor Vincit Omnia original all the way for me, top stuff
jim rivers (four:twenty/renasissance)
Herb LF mix is great!
Elie Eidelman (Dirt Crew / JackOff / PullProxy)
been really dinging CC stuff lately. home is where the heart is in the one for me. deep and sexy. full support.
deepchild (Trapez/Resopal Schallware) (Trapez / Resopal Schallware)
Simon Caldwell (FBI radio/Mad Racket, Sydney, AU)
Loving more Beef goodness! Deep and driving…
Magnus Wedberg
cool stuff here thanks
Arjun/Jalebee (MakTub/Beef/Vapour/frequenza)
Amor Vincit Omnia original is so deep and beautiful !! diggin Yokoo’s remix as well.
Simon Garcia / Larakki [Composite, Dieb Audio]
BEEF awesome as usual!!! Full support on this, 9/10
Fer Ferrari (DeepClass Records)
Another good work from CC. i will play sure
Zade Cross (Save Room / Greelpound / Urbansound (Rome))
Will test these for our DAYTIME event in a weeks time, cheers
Sebastian Davidson (world wide dj)
Massive package! Full support on the Herb LF Remix from me!
Pena (flow)
lovely ep. orig is ubber classy and deep!! all tracks are good
D-sens (Bus rec)
Home is where your heart is” is the one for me, excellent production and a taste full warm and deep sunny atmosphere, full support !!!
Daniel Sanders (SPA (Zebra/3D World))
The Herb LF an YokoO remixes are arguably the strength of this package – the former in particular ups the ante on the original so much more than expected. Job well done on all fronts, this will be well loved by deeper floors in want of something mechanically refined.
Suspekt (Open Records / timeOUT Magazine)
Wicked release… sooth and deep! I like all the tracks, they are all interesting in their own right. Full support!
Van Hai (Natura Sonoris/Perspectiv)
Nice ep, smooth and jazzy =) My favs: Amor Vincit original and the YokoO remix of Home is where your Heart is.
Manuel Sahagun (Candy Music)
Another solid EP by Beef Records!
Blacksoul (Blacksoul Music)
Herb LF mix is amazing!!! full support
Lukas Micka
Nice deepness in here, tx
Marcus Schaumburg-Müller (radio 98eins)
…omnia original & …where your heart is (yokoO rmx) very harmonic. like to play.
Lee Pennington (*riffraff UK Zoo Project Ibiza)
Beef recordings does it again. Love this label. My fave track here though is Amor Vincit Omnia original
Leonardo Falfan (Kabuto & Koji / Mobius Strum)
liking Herb Rmx will play out!
Sebastian Bayne (Beef/IF?/Cliq/Kisu)
The Herb LF remix has a great vibe. The EP is a sophisticated take on groovy deep house and is very agreeable.
george sadlik (
Herb LF and his interpretation wins again.
danilo (brouqade,kina,affin,meleon,blaq)
all good stuff here! amazing package..for sure :)
my favourite is AMOR VINCIT OMNIA(herb LF rmx)

Luke Bowditch (Kiss FM / Tramp / Drum Ride Recordings)
Herb LF on the $$ again! Support.
Björn Wilke (Superstar DJ)
Very nice deep house package for the warm ups and late hours, beaches and home listeners. well done!
dave carden (kiss fm)
Amor Vincit Omnia is my choice on this ep . Lovely spaced out vibes on this atmospheric track .
Josef Sedlon (Radio 1 Prague)
very cool deep vibe, groovy is strong, support it.
Silky JacK (Beef Records,
Home is where your heart is? (YokoO Remix) is my favourite here but Amor Vincit Omnia The Herb LF Remix will be played in my podcasts also..
and in my radio show on
Lucas Hulan (Nightphunk Recordings, Roxy Prague)
like originals and Herb LF remix..thnx
Martin Haberland (Mie @
Amazing Deep House EP! Lovin The Original Home Is Where… and Herb LF Remix…..Thanx…M
Feodor AllRight & Elena Mechta (AMDJS Radio Show / Russia, Brazil, Lithuania, France, Ukraine)
Both originals are the examples of high quality deep sound. This is Cosmic Cowboys. This is The Romantic Side Of Techno. That’s it.
Mozaic (Glimmer Of Dope)
Deep, soulful- very nice. All about the originals for me. :)
Boris Hotton
Herb LF Remix for sure! Uh Yeah! =)
DJ Trinity (DJ/Promoter/Producer)
Really love all the tracks on this release. YokoO’s remix of Home is where the heart is my favourite :)
Myclick ( / Radio 1)
Mmmm, what a sexy remix from YokoO! So sexy voice, so fluffy music! I love it and I cant wait his DJ set here in Prague! Fantastic feeeeling… It works! Big up! guys 2mo I´ll be play in my radioshow…
Mike Callander (Haul Music, Melbourne)
Amor Vincit Omnia (especially the Herb LF remix) – what an absolute WINNER! This is the best BEEF to date :)
herb lf’s rmx is good for me
Tim Rial (none)
Downloading for Audiojack who will feedback
sesne (dj)
Hey, thank you for nice deep promo.
Lou (riccicomotos audioselfdefence on ibiza global radio)
amazing release…
for me amor vincit Omnnia, the original, full support
Justin Space ((Producer/DJ, label manager, Planetaria Recordings))
Nice ep! The original mixes are the ones for me. 8/10
daniel.fx (kina, highgrade, trenton)
again very good of the cc boys. just love them ;)! remixes are very nice aswell. would be cool to have the full release.
the best release from Cosmic!!!!!
roman rai (roxy prague)
hi.. thnxs for this ep.. really like all ep but will play for sure Amor Vincit Omnia
logan baker (last minute events )
Herb lf mix and home is where your heart original are for me . cheers .
Simon Baker (2020 Vision UK)
Nice, liking this. original and Herb LF remix in the bag !
robbie Lowe
Nice… Herb LF remix is delicious.
alex james (trazable/affin)
nice solid deep grooves, both remixes are really nice.
Jürgen Kirsch (Glückskind/ SVT / Nordik)
great ep, especially the two remixes are fine for me! thanks
luca ricci (Aenaria rec)
some nice vibe going on thank you will support it :)
tobias koch (radio FRITZ / Berlin)
the wohle ep is awesome!!!!
thanks guys we play it for sure deep beach tunes !!!
great work from Cowboys ….
signal deluxe (blaq. trenton. kina)
very nice ep, amor vincit omnia original is our favorite, will play for sure. we are big fans of cosmic cowboys always! thanks for sending
Lukas (The Runners)
Nice one, thanks, on the d/l – will play
i love all the trcks!!!!!as usual sambaaaaa
Da Lukas
“Amor Vincit Omnia (Herb LF remix) and Home is where your heart is” Is best mix for me.
Nori (posivision mag / flow vinyl)
Vincit Omnia : Sounds good! Also Herb LF remix, nice groove.
spaceboss (
so deep, so nice
Another great deep EP from the Cowboys, support!!

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