BEEF031 Shades of Gray – Tango

1: Shades of Gray – Tango
2: Shades of Gray – Tango (Pezzner remix part 1)
3: Shades of Gray – Arabesque
4: Shades of Gray – Arabesque (Little Fritter remix)
Preview all tracks:
Release info:
BEEF records presents the Tango EP by our very own duo Shades of Gray.
Shades of Gray have been on fire since their debut 12” on Plus Minus records which catapulted them into top 10 tech house chart and many dj charts. Since then their taste of music and production skills has evolved with each release. Recently the guys have been getting a lot of industry support being charted and played by the likes of Laurent Garnier, Jimpster, Djuma Soundsystem to name a few. Staying true to their philosophy of not adhering to genres or trends Shades of gray continue to surprise with original music that cuts through the noise.
The first remix is by the man of the moment Pezzner, who has been blowing peoples minds with stunning release and remixes on labels like Freerange, Om and Plastic City. Dave showed us that he can really take a track to another level by layering sophisticated melodies, percussion and effects like nobody else can do.
The second remix is by Little Fritter from the Affin stable. Little Fritter has delivered a twisted hypnotic house monster in the remix of Arabesque.
Sit back, relax and enjoy this vibrant release from Beef records.
Laurent Garnier about Arabesque:
“indeed this is a great track. Shame we don’t have the label anymore, I would have signed it straight away”
milton jackson (dark energy / freerange)
wow amazing stuff pezzner on fire as usual!
Mark Knight (Toolroom)
Orde Meikle (Slam)
nice stuff – will play
Christian Smith
The Pezzner remix is very cool!
Matthew Dekay
Nice nice nice :)
Tom Findlay (Groove Armada)
Really like arabesque
Paco Osuna
i like those tracks :)
Arnaud Le Texier (Safari Electronique)
Pezzner remix is the one
Daniel Kyo (I Records)
Diggin the vibes from all of them but can´t help going again for Pezzner remix!!
Deepchild (Trapez / Resopal)
Fritter to the rescue once more….standout mix of the EP!
Jody Wisternoff
Dig Arabesque original mix, will play
arabesque is dope. Thanks
Gel Abril
pezzner mix is hot
Misstress Barbara
like the pezzner remix
lukas greenberg (Plastic City)
amazing e.p.
i love shades of gray, will play it 4 shure!!!
jamie stevens (infusion)
Honestly, can someone show me a track that Pezzner has done that has not been extraordinary? Another great collection of tunes from the Beef lads. Keep up the awesome work, boys!
advokkat (Radio RDM, Radio Pulsar, Radio RGB, House Nation Radio, Radio LFO…)
Tango is great…slowly faster slower… I like, I m hynostised by this melody.
Joachim Spieth (Affin)
…very nice ep!
like all tunes, but little fritter’s version is my fav!
Pena (Flow)
very good ep!! pezzner is my fav…always keen on his music but originals also deliver some cool house music. thx.pena (ps: change the promo mail to this one,
sabb (SK Supreme Records)
love the originals and pezzner remix ! nice release 5/5
Peter Horrevorts (Kanzleramt / Gem Records)
Really like the Tango original and especially the Arabesque Little Fritter remix. Will play those 2 for sure!
wongo (just another cat)
little fritter remix is BIG! daves is epic tooo!
Zade Cross (Save Room)
the whole EP is fat, will test this weekend. Love the synth on arabesque, deeeeeep! ;)
adam shelton (one records/below)
nice release,arabesque is cool,love little fritter remix,great energy,can’t wait to play this. all round nice e.p
Uone (BEEF records, Chameleon Recordings)
All mixes are top quality. The Pezzner mix has subtle brilliance. But its Arabesque that steals the show. Its a massive festival record for the outdoors or the club. 5/5
I love the two original tunes!! Excellent!!
Dusan Kacarevic
Great work of Shades of Grey again. I love Pezzner rmx too. Tango Ep is great combination of artist with same idea of producing true underground sound
Bo.dan (Solstice/Vodkaredbull rec.)
Great stuff
Lewis Ryder (Bigger Deer Recs / Space Ibiza)
The Pezzner remix is nice. But I really dig Arabesque!!
Jürgen Kirsch (Glückskind, SVT, Nordik)
like the pezzner + fritter remixes, fit in my sets! gracias
Joshua Collins (NRK, Urbantorque, Nitegrooves)
Love all the tracks especially the Little Fritter remix of Arabesque! Pezzner Remix and the originals are all quality as well! The Pezzner Remix has quite a deep groove to it, its great!
Hayden Strom (Fiord / Antix)
Awesome Ep.very fresh and Innovative! my pic is the Original Arabesque and the pezzner mix of tango. Cheers
logan baker (last minute events )
dope ep guys . hitting the spots on all levels . well done . pezzner and little fritter both top shelf along with the originals.
Nori (posivision mag/remix mag / flow vinyl)
cool package!! Space acid tango;-)))
Arabesque is nice oriental melody, Little Fritter remix is awesome!!
Jose Maria Ramon (Ibiza Global Radio)
really, really cool!!!
sure play on Ibiza Global Radio.
Mozaic (Glimmer Of Dope)
Originals are both ace, and the remixes as well- the Pezzner mix is phenomenal. Will be
playing these for sure. Nice work once again :)
Da Lukas
Great package! All mix are great structure of sounds, vibes especially “Tango Pezner rmx” and “Arabesque Original”!
Thank you Michal!
George P (diaphan music)
realy like the Little Fritter remix. thats the one for me!!!
great work
YokoO (PlusMinus, Kina)
Solid as usual!!! All tracks are great. Pezzner remix is my favorite out of the lot! Thanks
Blacksoul (Blacksoul Music)
beautiful!! both versions of Tango are amazing! will suššprt
Sebastian Davidson (world wide dj)
Both original and Pezzner remix are Ace!
Joel Armstrong (Gorg-o-mish, Baroque, Dot Dot Records)
The Originals for me. Quite nice.
Jay Smalls ([THE BOX]/Loosekaboose)
Quality release! Particularly like the Tango and Arabesque originals. Pezzner remix is wicked too!
magnus wedberg
this is a cool ep. nice and spicy harmonies. Pezzner hit the spot with his remix, but all trakcs are ace
Jalebee / Arjun (Vapour/Beef/Frequenza/Frisky)
Original is HOOOOT !!! slamming tech house tune .. with some real; funk ! Pezzner mix is slick as well
Feodor AllRight & Elena Mechta (AMDJS Radio Show (19 radio stations in 22
cities over Russia))
Again originals for us. Great release, guys!
Will support.
Josef Sedlon (Radio 1 Prague)
I prefer definately Pezzner rmx and then Arabesque, support it.
vidal rodriguez (
it´s greeeaatt!!
Lucas Hulan (Nightphunk, Roxy Prague)
Killer release full support! thnx for promo
Jimmy Posters (Pulse Radio Berlin)
Lovely stuff. Shades, Pezzner & Fritter on fine form.
THink Fritters rmx is my pick, but only just. 4 crackers.
Silky JacK (Beef Records,
Splendid atmosphere in the Pezzner remix!
Arabesque is my favourite here, excellent work.
The Arabesque Remix is the phattest groove around at the moment, wicked!
Will support it i my next podcast on
Thank you,
Silky JacK
Martin Haberland (mie @
really strong release this one! been playing the original of Arabesque for a while now and gets a massive reaction every time I play it, one of the biggest records at our party MIE@Nu Spirit Club Bratislava. Pezzner remix is dope too! will be playing this out in the coming months. thank you guys for the great music. full support from me…
Manuel Sahagun (Candy Music)
100% quality!!!
Tim Richards (George Fm/Curfew)
been a long time since i herd a sax in a record that i would happily play…..that time is now over!
Arabesque for me
thank you
Eric Volta [Kid Dub]
tango & little fritter remix are cool!
Dualton (Save Room / Restart)
like the little fritter remix
Milly De Mori (Radio M2O)
full support for tango. will include it also in my radio show MILLYBAR on M2O (Italy, FM & digital)
Phonogenic (Mood Music / Fresh Meat)
Little Fritter Remix for me, thanks! Straight to the point and keeps the energy. Gotta like it.
Tobias Koch (TFE Records)
very nice! pezzer mix is awesome! full support! 10/10
DJ Misjah
love that pezzner rmx
i like the originals.. thanks!
Michel De Hey
pezzner is always cool, this time no exception!
Dimitri Nakov (Tronic / emFire)
cool tracks.
Feodor AllRight & Elena Mechta (AMDJS Radio Show / Russia)
Originals. Great! Keep it up!
Colak (Dinamo 103.8 FM Istanbul)
Quality house music!
Danny Graham (Tokyo Rec., Proton Radio)
Cool sets tracks though nothing really grabbing me by the testicles.
Very Nice Ep, All versions are great, Full Support!
Chris Fortier
pezzner is cool
Danny Tenaglia
Tone Depth
Tango is definetly the one for me, love this track! Feels like Detroit on Acid:) Where’s Pezzner Remix Part 2!? LOL
Both mixes of Arabesque is good! Perfect for my sets! 10/10
John Dalagelis (Dieb Audio)
both arabsque are nice, thank you, will use

2 Responses to BEEF031 Shades of Gray – Tango

  1. Nihil Young says:

    Great quality tech house indeed. Love the originals. even tho it’s not my genre, these guys are great!

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