BEEF030 Fog & Arara – Ross Beef

1: Fog & Arara – Ross Beef
2: Fog & Arara – Ross Beef (Monoroom remix)
3: Fog & Arara – Ross Beef (Child remix)
4: Fog & Arara – Broken Trumpets
5: Fog & Arara – She is going down
Preview all tracks:
Release info:
BEEF records presents the Ross Beef EP by the fresh production duo Fog & Arara. Both Fog and Arara have established an impressive release history in the progressive house/trance scene but are now turning their attention to the housier side of things
Their First EP released as Fog & Arara on Noir was instantly catapulted into the top 50 tech house chart on Beatport. We are happy to present their second EP – Ross Beef. Loaded with strong hooks, bouncy grooves and memorable samples this release will surely make an impact.
On remix duties we have Monoroom and Aussie producer Child.
Monoroom who are well known for their releases on Ostwind, Kling Klong and Parquet went real deep and  stripped back in their interpretation.
The Bonus remix by Australian producer Child (Tribal Vision rec) is a real gem. Oscilating between emotional techno, electronica and neo-trance. Perfect for fans of Gui Boratto and James Holden.
Gorge (8bit, Katchuli records)
cool package. Thanks
Stephan Bodzin (Herzblut)
love the monoroom remix!!!
Timmy Stewart (Jet Project)
Broken Trumpets & She Is Going Down, both killer.
h.o.s.h. (diynamic)
broken trumpets is coolio!
Arjun/ Jalebee (Beef/ Vapour/Frisky)
the porn kings back !!! Love the originals, and supporting big time.Monoroom remix is quality.
Deepchild (Trapez / Resopal)
Beef-Child for Deepchild! Deepness!
Kasey Taylor (vapour Recordings)
Child Mix is the pick here. Thanks
Daniel Kyo (I Records)
Like this!Originals are very cool…
Fer Ferrari (DeepClass Rec)
SOUNDS GOOD! like the groove. excelent
Yves Eaux (Global DJ)
Really great package! Fog & Arara deliver the goods again. The remixes are excellent!
Solee (Parquet Rec. / Renaissance UK)
like the monoroom & child remix! will try it…thanks!
Uone (label dj)
Top production through out the EP. The grooves are excellent, sure to rock dance floors. My pick is Broken Trumpets, loving this dirty grimy groove with bizaro trunmpets.
Lewis Ryder (Bigger Deer Recs / Space Ibiza)
Monoroom remix is pretty solid and low slung, whilst the Child remix is a bit of a drifter showing off some melodic progressiveness.
roman rai (Let It Flow)
i like this package.. one of the best lately from you !
love Ross Beef Original mix
siMon Digby (fRiend)
nice tune
Feodor AllRight & Elena Mechta (
“Ross Beef” original.
Crazy trumpets and harmonica! This one will work fine on the dancefloor!
riccicomoto (ibiza global radio)
…deep n dubby…thats house at it´s best…!!
george sadlik (junkbeats)
very very good Ep, will get played.
Josef Sedlon (Radio 1 Prague)
I like the most Child remix, smooth elegant track with hypno mood. Also groove of Broken Trumpet and She is going down is cool, but little bit more ideas in arrangements would be better for these.
Marc Cotterell (Siteholder USA)
Great release.. Beef seems to be coming up trumps of late. Broken trumpets wins it for me. deep head nodding goodness… thanks very much
robbie lowe
Tasty package – All the mixes are tight … with ‘She Is Going Down’ my favorite track. I will be playing this!
YokoO (PlusMinus, Kina, Hertzlich)
Strong release again! Loving the Monoroom and Child remixes – right up my alley. Child remix is floaty and pretty! Broken Trumpets and She is going down are great groovy dance floor tracks! Good work! Thanks for the music :)
logan Baker (last Minute Events and Touring. )
ross beef original for the club . Child remix is amazing . Monoroom is nice and rolling to . all up very nice release
Manuel Sahagun (Candy Music)
Broken Trumpets is lovely! Happy to see proggy/trance guys making good house.
Lee Pennington (Zoo Project & riffraff)
Excellent package. Love all the mixes and will probably find a place for all of them in my sets
Joel Armstrong (Gorg-o-mish, Baroque, Dot Dot Records)
Broken Trumpets & She is going down: for the win, solid release guys!
dj darkchild (beef records) (label dj)
cheers guys,fav pic from ep is ross beef original, nice funky tech house.
Mozaic (Glimmer Of Dope (SF))
Good stuff here… the original is the fave, and Really feeling “She’s Going Down” and “Broken Trumpets” Grooves like mad :)
Eric Volta (aka Kid Dub)
ooh the child mix is beautiful!
the original is is my choice for playing out.
magnus wedberg
All mixes of Ross Beef are great, hard to pick a fav. Solid release over all. thanks
Goetzlich (Switchbox / Beauty & the Beat)
very tasty music here. i love Ross Beef & also the ones with different herbs on it.
Da Lukas
Broken Trumpets, Ross Beef (Child remix)it’s my favourite mixes.
danny serrano
great work!!!broken trumpets & she is going down,100%support!
Treavor Moontribe (INgrooves)
Monoroom Remix and Broken Trumpet work for me
Sebastian Bayne (Kisu/Beef/IF?/Cliq)
The original tracks are quality tech as we’ve come to expected from Beef. Monoroom’s stripped back version is excellent. My absolute favourite is the Child remix. 4/5
MDX (Mark Dynamix)
nice signing Michal, love the horn stabs in the original, but it’s the Child mix i’ll get most play out of, cheers
Ross Beef is very nice groove!!Play it.
Ryo (Solstice Music)
Brilliant!!! remixes are good too but actually I’m a fun of all three original tunes, awesome!!
Daniel Half
Ross Beef (Monoroom remix)
support!!! good rmx!!!
Lucas Hulan (Nightphunk Recordings)
Like Fog & Arara..too hot music
Petr Braun (Nightphunk Rec.)
Yesss,great release again,Rose beef original and She is going down are my favourites, i will play for sure !!!
Pena (Flow)
child rmx is my fav but monoroom has a top bassline! thx
dave carden (kiss fm)
ross beef (monoroom) is my remix of choice . very good track for those early sets
Javas (Harlem Station Rec.)
cool vibes, I like the “She is going down” especially.
Silky JacK (Beef Records,
The Child Remix is huge.. as is the original.
Broken Trumpets is exploring the boundaries of house music with its combination of proggy beats and soulful trumpets, very nice!
She is going down is a track to put in the mix, nice rhythm.
Feedback and support guaranteed on, will be included in a next edition of Silky Jack’s 15-Track Podcast.
Thank you for this release.
Jürgen Kirsch (Glückskind, SVT, Nordik)
oh yes, fat! my fav is the so deep child mix, but also like the monoroom edit. broken trumpet has nice perc!

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  1. Fog & Arara – Ross Beef (Child remix) i will play it for sure! Great release guys.

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