BEEF029 Uone – Kontrol

1: Uone – Kontrol
2: Uone – Kontrol (Continuum remix)
3: Uone – Kontrol (Arnaud Le Texier remix)
4: Uone – Kontrol (Dark room mix)
Preview all tracks:
Release info:
BEEF records presents the Kontrol EP by established Melbourne based DJ and producer Ewan Scott aka Uone. Ewan has been performing for more then 8 years and since 2007 he has been working as A/R for BEEF records in Melbourne. The Kontrol EP is a special blend of deep but danceable twisted electronic music.
The remix by Continuum is definitely not to be missed. Loaded with addictive hooks the track brings a positive jacking summer vibe to the EP. Safari Electronique maestro and Frenchman Arnaud Le Texier shows his remixing skills in a very special tech house interpretation of Kontrol.
Enjoy this diverse EP that has something for everybody.
Gorge (8bit)
Arnauds remix is the one 3 beats pitsched down :-)
Peter Horrevorts (Kanzleramt / Gem Records)
Great stuff! Hard to decide which ones to play… But will play def!
Timmy Stewart (Jet Project)
Continuum Bluegrass & Le Texier remixes straight in the bag.
Nathan Coles (Wiggle / Fabric)
Really good stuff! loving the Arnaud mix and the dark room. Thanks
Björn Wilke (Kaato)
arnaud le texier for me. nice work guys!
Blacksoul (Blacksoul Music)
cool EP – will support
mark henning (clink)
both kontrol mixes are nice – thanks :)
ptoile (mothership)
can’t really decide which track i like best.. nice release on beef.. preferred the 2 remixes.. :)
Sebastian Bayne (Kisu/Beef/IF?/Cliq)
Bloody great, proper tech house! Beef is just so consistent. Dark Room mix the one 5/5!
Pena (Flow)
original and arnaud are the ones for me!! dark room is cool too. thx . pena
Hayden Strom (Fiord / Antix)
continuum mix his smoking hot. Chur chur!
Sebastian Davidson (world Wide DJ)
Massive package! Le Textier did a great job! Support from the davidson camp!
Martin Haberland (MIE Party Nu Spirit Club Bratislava)
Really like all the mixes here….at the moment the Original Mix is the winner.
Full support :-)
jamie stevens (infusion)
All mixes tickle my proverbials. Continuum deliver a bounc-tastic bomb for the Aussie sun! And I really dig the dark room mix as well. Cheers guys!
Aaron Smiles (long time music supporter and dj)
Sounds great!!
il be sure to play it around at my next few events for sure :)
george sadlik (
The driving deepness of the dark room mix for me this time.
Isaac Tucker (Spektrum, Filthy Dukes)
Continuum Bluegrass remix stands out for me…
gavin martin (Vapour / Open / Baroque)
top ep, love ewan’s sound, great dancefloor grooves in his mixes, also love the continuum mix, go boys!!
Great to see such quality melbourne music, big love xx
Lewis Ryder (Bigger Deer Recs / Space Ibiza)
Dark room mix is cool :-)
Ash Verschuur ((I AM) Dain Bramaged)
Haven’t heard it yet.
Arnaud Le Texier remix for me! Nice one
dj Nori (posivision magazine / remix magazine / hypnodisk / flow records )
original : Nice groove!
Continuum Bluegrass remix : funky!
Arnaud Le Texier remix : sounds really cool!
magnus wedberg
Dark room mix is cool, nice ep overall thanks
Manuel Sofia aka MOS (Natura Sonoris / Hope / Audiotherapy)
dark room mix is the one for me. thank’s :)
kasey Taylor (vapour Recordings)
Arnaud and DArk Room mixes are cool, thanks
Joel Armstrong (Gorg-o-mish, Baroque, Dot Dot Records)
Nice, hard to pick a favorite.
logan Baker (last Minute Events and Touring. )
great ep , all mixes show great groove .
YokoO (PlusMinus, Kina, Hertzlich)
Great original mix and awesome remix from Arnaud! Loving the whole groove and bass line drop! Great Dark Room mix too, liking it a lot!
All in all, quality EP. Thanks for the music!
Yves Eaux (Global DJ)
Another winner for the Beef camp. Kontrol is really an ace release! Full support.
Goetzlich (Switchbox)
yappa! this one will kontrol my freaky mind. will play the master one in my tech house hour to let them do that sexy moooves and the dark room one for the twisted after hour to fuck them up! thanks!
Kontrol is great!! thanks!
Arjun/ Jalebee (beef/vapour/frisky/proton)
Continuum Bluegrass has some funk !! nice work ! Dark room mix is cool too
Roberdo (Mushroom mag / /
I like the builtup and the final bouncy vibe of the Continuum Bluegrass Remix. Also the Dark Room Mix is pretty good in its subtle pushing manner.
Manuel Sahagun (Candy Music)
Every Beef release is on my case. And this won’t be an exception ;) Diggin the original mix
Lucas Hulan (Roxy Prague, Nightphunk)
Good quality release again..i dont know why but i play in this moment all from beef records..i say yeah..will play that for sure..thnx for promo dudu:)
Micha Klang (Rakete Club Nürnberg Germany)
Very nice EP. My favorites are the Original and Arnaud´s Remix of course. Thanks
Feodor AllRight & Elena Mechta (AMDJS Radio Show (13 radio stations in 18 cities over Russia with fm, internet and satellite broadcasting))
Like it! Will support Continuum Bluegrass and Dark room remixes. Thank you for the promo!
Lee Pennington (riffraff/Zoo Project)
I really like the original and the dark room mix. Thanks for sending these through
Silky Jack (Beef records,
I’m fond of the Continuum Bluegrass Remix).
Full review soon on!
Support in my next podcast, 15-TracK Podcast.
Thank you for this release..
Drewan (Open Records)
nice remix by continuum, dark room mix is my pick.
oliver a (cocconote / transit noumea)
Kontrol / nice techhouse – continuum bluegrass remix / great groove and funny tops I like it – arnaud le texier / a lot deeper serious business – dark room mix / Sounds like Apoll groove, great.. I m impressss

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