BEEF027 Moonbeam – Promised Land

1) Moonbeam – Promised Land
2) Moonbeam – Promised Land (SQL remix)
3) Moonbeam – Promised Land (NTFO remix)
4) Moonbeam – Promised Land (Roman Rai remix)
Preview all tracks:
Release info:
BEEF records is proud to present the “Promised Land EP” by Russian favourite duo Moonbeam. These talented brothers are well known for their releases on Traum records. On Traum they have released 4 records, including remixes of Minilogue – Seconds’ and  ‘Extrawelt – Doch Doch’ which received wide support form many top DJs. Their massive hit Ode Ao Sol (Moonbeam remix) released on BEEF records reached #2 on Beatport download chart (minimal).
On remix duties we have NTFO, SQL and Roman Rai. Both NTFO and SQL have been smashing Beatport top 10 download charts lately with their releases on SK Supreme. Roman Rai is a respected house producer and manager of Solstice Records. Enjoy this colourful EP.
Oliver Klein (Mutekki)
Please send me the NTFO remix. Good opening tool!
Pezzner (Freerange, Om Records)
I like all the mixes here. I think the NTFO and Roman Rai Mixes are my favorite.
Daniel Kyo (I Records)
Sweet!Think I´ll pick the original;)
Kasey Taylor (Vapour Recordings)
Original and SQL mixes are cool. Thanks
Sabb (SK Supreme Records)
Lovin the SQL & NTFO Remixes :) full support !
Fer Ferrari (DeepClass Records / Plastic City / So Sound)
I will play sure. my fav is NTFO remix. good groove
vidal rodriguez
gooood music
Sebastian Davidson (World Wide DJ)
NTFO mix is warm and nice!! Super release!
Ben Irving (Nish Nish/Pulse Radio/365Mag/Electric Sheep/London (Various))
Lush Ep, cool as, cheers.
spettro (uniform recordings)
Not for me…
simon Digby (friend)
deep and class just the way l like it. love the orginal mix
Feodor AllRight & Elena Mechta (AMDJS Radio show)
SQL and Roma Rai mixes are great!
Will play both. Thank you for the promo!
Lukas Micka
hey beefeaters! Another solid release, like the NTFO remix most, cheers
Suspekt (Open Records / timeOUT Magazine)
Another great release from Beef… very different stuff from Moonbeam! My favourite is the SQL remix… he is on fire at the moment!
vincent (solead)
All tracks are good in this EP ! my fav is original & NTFO rmx
Blacksoul (Blacksoul Music)
ntfo and Roman Rai mixes are for me
Durham White (Beef Records)
I think Promised Land, has somewhat an Underworld like influence, which can’t be a bad thing… The slightly more energetic drifting SQL remix & the darker tribal touches from Roman Rai get my votes… Overall, a nice package!
advokkat (radio LFO, radio RDM, radio Pulsar, radio RGB….)
Good sounds – I like the NTFO remix – I often play in my mix!
anton fielding (echomen / solaris heights)
i will drop the original mix at Pacha Buenos Aires next week, cool shit.
Chris Combe (Pulse Radio)
Deep and techy, the perfect combination for another great BEEF release. Moonbeam always deliver and this is no exception!
Henning Richter
nice 1
Promised Land (Roman Rai remix) is very rmx!
NTFO remix for me, Love it!
Nice release. It’s the NTFO remix that stands out for me.. it just bumps in all the right places.
Mike Callander (Haul Music, Melbourne)
Great package! I think the original takes the cake, but all mixes are excellent. Thanks again for another quality release :)
logan Baker (last Minute Events and Touring. )
great ep . like the original and sql mix .
love original mix!!!
YokoO (PlusMinus, Kina, Hertzlich)
Solid release! All mixes are great! Preference goes to the NTFO remix, liking the depth and drive of the Roman Rai remix too.
Thanks for sharing
DJ Cecille (DJ)
Simply lovely, I adore the SQL remix
george sadlik (
love it the original and ntfo for me.
(link has not been working in IE7 – trying Mozilla now)
Slater (Tribal Vision Records)
Original is the one for me, thanks!
Isaac Tucker (Spektrum, Filthy Dukes (U.K.))
Wow!!! this is great deep house as good as the best from the 90s to today. Reminds me of early Playhouse (former label). The original mix is my favourite, followed closely by SQL’s more prog re-dux… I will definately add this to my current playlist.
george sadlik (
Original mix is great deep tech house, followed closely by the NTFO version. These two are my pick of the bunch.
Da Lukas
NTFO and Roman Rai Rmxs is very fresh and cool!
Full support on it, for sure one of my new selection!
Arjun Vagale / Jalebee Cartel (Frisky, Proton, Beef, Vapour, Mashtronic)
nice to hear the housey side of moonbean. NTFO mix for me. will play this… SOLID !!! also like SQL’s mix.
Gavin Martin (GMJ / Fulcrum / Sephora) (Vapour / Open / Baroque)
fantastic ep from beef; love the moonbeam original, great deep atmospherics, SQL is also very tasty on the deep tip. Thanks for the promo :)
dave carden (kiss fm)
what a great package but the SQL remix stands out for me all the way . will support on this on my show for Kiss .
Simon (Simon & Shaker)
Very nice EP! Support, thanks.
Achilleas (Fog)
Ntfo remix on this one for me.In general another fine instalation from Beef
Uone (label dj)
Quality EP, 5/5 Been giving the original lots of play. My choice of the lot.
Ryo (Solstice Music)
respect for another cool EP from Beef! all nice remixes but the original is best for me, thanks!
demarkus lewis (grin music/slip n slide)
very cool concept.
Manuel Sahagun (Candy Music)
Original and NTFO remix are my favourites!!! :) Sweet release
shuma (shuma)
tnx for promo
Silky JacK (culpa-events, beef records)
The NTFO remix is the version that strikes me most; funkey house with a dub twist. The Roman Rai Twist is nice for the keys he added, gives it a fresh hook.
Overall nice atmosphere in this release!
Support on my November Podcast guaranteed on
Thank you!
Lee Pennington (riffraff UK / Zoo Project Ibiza)
Loving the NTFO mix and will be supporting this. The Roman Rai is good but just too hectic for what I play.
Sean Dimitrie (Bombay Records / Fortune Sound Club)
I like the original the best on this release, have a soft spot driving techy music
Nick Hogendoorn
Really dig the original mix and the NTFO Remix. Melody in original is offcourse hypnotizing and the groove in the NTFO Remix is amazing!
Manuel Sofia aka MOS (Noizen, Natura Sonoris, Audiotherapy, GU)
I was expecting to listen a version of Joe Smooth’s promised land, but these guys came out with a superb house tune. hehe. Amazing original and great remixes overall. Will definitely play, many thank’s!
magnus wedberg
what an ep. i love this. impossible to choose a fave mix. the NTFO remix has a crazy skippy 90’s vibe to it! but all of them are great. top notch! thanks alot

2 Responses to BEEF027 Moonbeam – Promised Land

  1. scheibosan says:

    nice trax, SQL rx is my fav, think they will do good on the floor, pls send the whole trax so i can test them on the floor !!

    :) ssan

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