BEEF024 Al Oost – Two Faders

1: Al Oost – Two Faders
2: Al Oost – Two Faders (Herb Lf remix)
3: Al Oost – Replay
4: Al Oost – Replay (Solead remix)
Preview all tracks:
Release Info:
BEEF records is proud to present the debut EP by Russian artist Al Oost. Both tracks Replay and Two Faders are a mixture of hypnotic tech house with deep elements. For the remix’s we have picked established duo Solead who are known for releases on John DIGWEED’s compilation Transitions 3 and VITALIC’s label Citizen. The second remix artist Herb Lf is from the real oldschool deep house family. He has been released on Compost records, Music Krause, Future Classics and Raum. The Herb Lf remix will take you on a journey through soulful deephouse and underground house music.
PR and media support:
Read Pulse Radio review here.
Jim Rivers
two faders orig and remix are the picks for me here
Jimpster (Freerange)
Herb LF bangs it once again! great remix.
Shur-i-kan (Freerange / Dark Energy)
Herb LF mix is doing it for me.. very nice
Ramon Tapia (PIMP)
replay solead mix sounds cool ..gonna test it
Daniel Kyo
Very nice ep!My fav is Herb´s remix, as usual.Cheers!
Sabb (SK Supreme)
the Herb LF Remix is really good,also Solead remix is cool..but to not forget the replay original mix.Nice housey vibes all in 1 ..full support
Mark Dynamix (MDX)
Solead remix of Replay the most suitable
Da Lukas
Two Faders Herb Lf rmx and replay solead rmx i best mix for me!
Thanks for this!
deepchild (Anabatic / Resopal Schallware / BEEF)
Solid, hypnotic tech-standards, finely distilled. Originals for me here…
uone (label dj)
Will play for sure..
petchie (multiMedia terrorist :P)
Very nice….this style of PDF promo is the future……fantastic…Tune are great…love them and will add to the growing beef collection…..please keep me in the loop on these promo’s….looking forward to watching beef grow… Peace out
DJ Oni
Hello this is DJ Oni from Tokyo.
Two Feders → I like progressing this track in the latter half.
Replay ⇒ very cool track!!
I like this kick and I play this track at club in Tokyo.
roman rai (solstice records)
i like two faders herb lf mix and both replay versions. thnxs guys !
Jimmy Posters (Pulse Radio)
Nice work. Really digging the deeper grooves of the Herb Lf remix.
dj Nori (posivision magazine / tokyo, Hypno Disk (japanese techno,Industrial Label))
Two Faders : nice deep groove & emotional taste, Herb Lf remix is best for morning floor!
Replay : sounds good! has real tribal groove & hypnotic melody line. also Solead remix is great, funky progressive work!
keep up the great release!
Bo.dan (Solsatice rec/Vodkaredbull rec.)
for Solead 10/10
dave carden (kiss fm (ua))
Replay is the track for me , a good straight forward tune that is right up my progressive street . a top of the class 8/10 . well done
jamie stevens (infusion/ get physical / dieb audio)
Awesome! love the vibes on this release. Original of Two Faders has some nicely unexpected elements. Understated without the boring bits which i like. Some silky smooth biz going on in Herb Lf’s mix too, I must say! And again, Solead reinforce my love for them. You can’t say no to saxophone riffs, can you? Absolutely solid stuff!
Thornado (OK Corral)
i love Herb LF remix..verry nice deep and melodic track ..and i think i also like the original..i have to listen more !
riccicomoto (ibiza global radio)
…well done deep techniques…with a marvelous athmosphere….
Lucas Hulan (Nightphunk Recordings)
HERB LF ! Yeah
Fine Cut Bodies (Chi / MR2 / Tilos)
Two Faders orig and Replay Solead are great for my sets! nice stuff! thx, Kevin
deep classy tech, will give these a spin- esp. digging the solead rub
george sadlik (junkbeats)
That’s some good Herb on the Two faders remix. Beef have a habbit it seems of releasing music specifically for my record box these days. Two faders Herb Lf RMX is my pick on this release.
Lee Pennington (riffraff UK – Zoo Project IBZ)
I like replay the best and will possibly use it in my sets at riffraff and in Ibiza.
Magnus Wedberg
Herb Lf remix breaks my bones!
Silky JacK (, Beef records)
Herb LF remix does it for me. Soulful soundscapes, nice atmosphere.
Solead take it way deep and amusing with some interesting and surprising hooks!
Will be in my next podcast!
Ryo (Solstice Music)
another cool EP from BEEF!! all 4 tunes are attractive but I like Reply Solead rmx best :)
Feodor AllRight & Elena Mechta (AMDJS Radio Show. Radio Petersburg 69.47fm (Saint-Petersburg, Russia) / Radio Light 105.6fm (Kineshma, Russia) / Radio 16Bit.FM (Moscow, Russia) / Radio Top (Tula, Russia) / AVS Radio (Kaliningrad, Russia) / Vot Radio (Eletz, Russia) / Europe Plus )
Herb LF remix is outstanding. Quality deep stuff!
Full play support!
Lukas Micka
Herb on Beef? He´s the stunning producer for the moment for me and he confirmed that with his fabulous remix. Another versions are cool as well, but Herb´s edit is the first choice for me.. Thx beef guys
Pena (Flow)
herb lf and solead are my picks.
nice job, Two Faders(Herb Lf Remix) is my favorite !
The solead remix is great!!!
Fer Ferrari (DeepClass Records / Plastic City / So Sound)
strong release..i will test.
Manuel Sahagún (Candy Music)
Thanks for this solid EP. I’m really diggin the Herb LF Remix of Two Faders :)
Logan Baker (Last Minute Events and Touring. )
nice ep ; thr remix’s are both nice
goetzlich (beauty & thebeat) (dj)
very sweet release. quality lproductions like always.
Hi Thank you u for the promo Link
Two Faders (Herb Lf remix) is very cool summer track!!

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  1. Wonderful work buddy, keep writing.

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