5th Nov – Acid House Soiree w/ Posthuman (UK), Anton Kubikov (RU), dj Schwa, Z-Aires

^ Acid influenced many of us. In fact, for a huge proportion of us, acid kicked off this sweaty, painful, yet incredibly fulfilling journey. It will never be forgotten.
First instalment of this very irregular Acid House Soiree† will be hosted at Pokojicek Warehouse. Featuring I Love Acid honcho Posthuman (UK), Anton Kubikov (RU) from Kompakt records and our very own dj Schwa. We also have Z-Aires is on the support duties. Join is at this true underground venue with creme de la creme of the local and international acid house ambassadors. All info is on FB and RA.
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Selected Works #3 w/ Dempa, NDNM, Vanko, Pizza Hotline

Medallion Man & Dj Schwa bring to life another instalment of the Selected Works. Part 3 resonates with all shades of slow grooves, techno, electro, left-field broken beats and beyond. We welcome Dempa, Johannes Klingebiel, Pizza Hotline, Roman Rai & Vanko, Toomuch and Name Does Not Matter on Beef!
Early support: Marcus Worgull, Pawas, Simon Caldwell, YokoO, Lorna Clarkson
Buy / Listen: http://hyperurl.co/sw3
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NEW 12″: Dircsen & Florian Kupfer

Acid influenced many of us. In fact, for a huge proportion of us, acid kicked off this sweaty, painful, yet incredibly fulfilling journey. The 2 originals by Dircsen utilize the 303 in different ways – the opener ‘Beyond Collapsing Silence’sounds like an instant acid house classic with its energetic drums & dreamy atmosphere, whilst ‘Depth Scan’slows it down, focusing more on hypnosis.
Rounding off the 3-track EP is an idiosyncratic remix of ‘Depth Scan’by L.I.E.S. legend, Florian Kupfer. A dubbed out original gets well and truly saturated.
Early support: Ben UFO, Avalon Emerson, Midland, Ander B, Eltron John, Simon Caldwell (FBI radio), Herzel, Nori, Sascha Funke, Nathan G, Guiddo
Hardwax: bit.ly/2KnICoM
Red Eye: bit.ly/2Kcw7wi
Juno: bit.ly/2yLeRJg
Triple Vision: bit.ly/2KuViGK
Decks: bit.ly/2N7dsQD
Unearthed: bit.ly/2IzKMff
Bandcamp: bit.ly/2u8d5xj
Traxsource: bit.ly/2u8dpfv
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TONIGHT: Komiks w/ Dj Hell

Tonight at our beloved warehouse event Komiks we are hosting true legend of electronic music – Dj Hell. This year he is celebrating 40 years of djing. Did you know that in addition to DJ Hells work as a Dj and producer, in 1997 he founded the label International Deejay Gigolos in Munich, for which he served from the first day onward as the label mastermind, A&R, and art director? In 1999, Arnold Schwarzenegger sued International Deejay Gigolos for using his picture in the logo. Hell had to stop selling all records that bore the logo and pay a fine of 150,000 euros. Be there, this Friday! More info is on FB and RA.
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Ana.Lock w/ Seltron 400 live

We welcome Seltron 400 (SLG & Eltron John live) to our un-regular Cross Club event called Ana.Lock. Accompanied by Dj Schwa, Fatty M, Ark3r. In Room 2 we have Hedone crew with Antoine Stigr, Mazhar, Skaph, Ly Sas. Feel free to message us for guest list. Be there if you like the sound of Uncanny Valley and Pets recordings. More info on Facebook.
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OUT NOW: Rico Casazza – Yurican w/ Dircsen remix


Rico Casazza is electronic producer, dj & teacher, based in London. Having produced music for over 11 years, he has established a solid musical identity with releases on labels such as Soma, Archipel, Plastic City & Wiggle. Following his killer ‘They Move Fast’ EP on Beef last summer, we now welcome him back for his first 12”with us. The productions are unique but you can tell they are from the same magical Casazza signature…raw acidity, enslaving basslines and subtle percussion.
The EP kicks off at a measured pace with ‘Yurican’, whose self-assured acid line sits wonderfully alongside the track’s reflective atmospheres. ‘Argue’ then evolves this acidic energy, still praying to the sky but pumping its fist higher than before…laying the patchwork for the final original on the 12”, the euphoric dance floor obliterator, ‘Macabre’. To finish, bringing your heart rate down with caution, Dirscen has provided a drugged out remix of ‘End 2016’.
Stream, buy, listen: http://hyperurl.co/yurican
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Komiks w/ Redshape Live (Running Back, Delsin)

Our warehouse party Komiks is back. This time with 3 live acts: Redshape (Running Back), Windowlickerz (HRTL & Oliver Torr) and modular whiz Gadi Sassoon. On support duties we have our very own Dj Schwa, Fatty M and Lumiere. Komiks will take place at old abandoned train station. All info is on FB and RA.
Last Friday we did Komiks warm-up live stream from the Black Box radio. In case you missed it you can watch the stream now.
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BUSZ™ – Symmetry LP

Long-player by BUSZ™ has arrived. A duo comprised of seminal minimal producer & Crosstown Rebels legend Pier Bucci, and the enigmatic Polish fireball Oskar Szafraniec. This combination of experience and experimentation has lead to a unique sound where metallic, intricate percussion and deep synths create a reserved, yet euphoric atmosphere. It’s therefore apt that the album is entitled ‘Symmetry’ – ‘…the quality of being made up of exactly similar parts facing each other or around an axis’.
Her is what Oskar adds to the story: “We stayed away from internet, all social media, it was all about honest conversation and bringing it into the studio, transforming into music, keeping feelings and thoughts in the sounds and rhythms. Especially those days when everything’s about name dropping, collecting likes and people you know it seems to be difficult to stay honest and state your ground. It’s not another marketing dance floor product. It’s a diary, personal statement of me and Pier Bucci, all what we’ve been going through back then in our private life recorded into sounds and arranged into music.”
Stream, buy, listen: http://hyperurl.co/busz
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BUSZ™ – Dubai w/ Rommek, Kuba Sojka, Dj Schwa remixes is out!

Last summer we whet the world’s appetite with BUSZ™’s first album sampler. Now, to welcome 2018, we’re teasing you again via a 2nd sampler EP – a vinyl-only story of ‘Dubai’. The original’s moaning bassline, conversational synth lines and enslaving rhythm precedes 3 amazing remixes, spanning industrial techno, twisted acid and patient progression. Vinyl includes download voucher as there will be no digital version of this release.
Buy at Bandcamp, Juno, RedEye and many other stores. In Prague you can get it at Maximum Underground, Relish the Sound, Phono and Gram records.
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Ana.Lock w/ Rico Casazza (Beef, Soma)

Our club night Ana.Lock is back. This time with London based synth wizard Rico Casazza (Beef, Soma). Across two stages we also have Coline from tba/Drezden, Schwa, Fatty M, Ark3r, Eva Porating and Ol-Wiz. More info on FB.
You can also catch on Friday at 5PM at Gram Records. We will be doing in-store live stream and launching our new 12″ by BUSZ. Everyone is welcome to join at Gram us or watch stream on Beef FB page.
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