BUSZ™ – Symmetry LP

Long-player by BUSZ™ has arrived. A duo comprised of seminal minimal producer & Crosstown Rebels legend Pier Bucci, and the enigmatic Polish fireball Oskar Szafraniec. This combination of experience and experimentation has lead to a unique sound where metallic, intricate percussion and deep synths create a reserved, yet euphoric atmosphere. It’s therefore apt that the album is entitled ‘Symmetry’ – ‘…the quality of being made up of exactly similar parts facing each other or around an axis’.
Her is what Oskar adds to the story: “We stayed away from internet, all social media, it was all about honest conversation and bringing it into the studio, transforming into music, keeping feelings and thoughts in the sounds and rhythms. Especially those days when everything’s about name dropping, collecting likes and people you know it seems to be difficult to stay honest and state your ground. It’s not another marketing dance floor product. It’s a diary, personal statement of me and Pier Bucci, all what we’ve been going through back then in our private life recorded into sounds and arranged into music.”
Stream, buy, listen: http://hyperurl.co/busz
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