Edward (Giegling): Friday – Brno, Saturday – Prague

This Friday we are hosting our first Komiks warehouse party in magic city Brno. We are bringing EDWARD from Giegling records, HRTL live (Bastl Instruments), Schwa, Fatty M, Lumiere and Eva Porating. It will be held at Hlavni Nadrazi (Mala Amerika) and besides musical programming you can expect visual and art exhibtions by Ondřej Ševčík (Primal Ritual), FAVU absolvents and XYZ Project. Come early! Info about tix is on RA and FB.
If you can’t make it to Brno on Friday you can catch EDWARD in Prague at the awesome Cross Club. Fifth instalment of the ANA.LOCK party will also host Ireen Amnes from Egg club London at the Room 2. More info is on RA and FB.
Edward biography:
Gilles Aiken, the Berlin DJ better known as Edward, makes shadowy club tracks with a surrealistic edge. With a sharp sense of groove — something tracks, his immersive DJ sets — but it’s his cosmic streak that gives his music depth. Over the years this combination has made him a mainstay of Berlin’s WHITE label as well as Weimar’s esteemed Giegling crew and John Talabot’s Hivern Discs.
Aiken pored over countless old records in search of samples and inspiration, all the while half-consciously putting together a mix of those records. That’s what we get on: a journey into the psychedelic murk that lies just under the surface of Aiken’s music.


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