JTRP – You & Me EP with Glenn Astro remix (+ interview)

JTRP photo
German based duo JTRP is back on Beef with a great raw 3 track EP ‘You & Me‘.  These boys have started their career with 2 bass heavy releases on T. William’s ‘Deep Teknologi’ imprint, followed by several side kicks in Belgium, UK and finally on Beef records. On the remix duties we got Glenn Astro – heavyweight jock and producer from K7!, Tartelet records and Kolour LTD. To coinside with the release we bring you a short interview with these young producers and djs. 
Please tell us how did you guys meet. Are you long time friends?
We know each other for 6 years now. We met at a local barbershop through a friend. Soon we started jamming together and one thing led to another… now were like brothers. That’s it.
What is the main idea behind ‘You And Me’ EP that just came out on Beef. Was it just random jamming or is there more of a story behind these tracks? 
We had a production break for about an year, then Dmitry from Neo Violence asked us to contribute to the NVxBEEF compilation that came out earlier this year. The track got quite some attention (T. Williams played it on BBC Radio 1) and so it seemed logical to continue working on the same approach with the label (beef). These tracks tell the consequent story that we both share together from very different point of views on electronic music. We contributed what we really like.

The tunes sound very raw, organic and not too polished. Exactly the way we like it. What was your production process and what was the most important piece of software and/or hardware that you used to produce these cuts?
Ableton and a limiter! Phil is the one behind this kind of sound. Jorge is a bit too over-excited with polished productions. The mixture of that makes a nice combination, as we think. These are more club-tools, ready for use on the floor. Keeping it simple rather than filling it with too many effects and crazy stuff. We believe that DJs are the real heroes, and not necessarily the producers. So this is a record for djs.
How did you come up with idea of getting Glenn Astro to remix one of the tracks? Do you know Glenn personally?
No, not at all. We stumbled over his music quite a while ago, long before he made that huge jump, and thought that this would definitely make a great combination. Having in mind how he produces, the combination does make really sense. Overall he is a super guy with his heart on the right spot.
You both live in Cologne right? How is the music scene over there?
We both recently moved from cologne to Aachen (Phil) and Düsseldorf (Fabi) due to our other work. But we are still doing our nights [elek´tro:nik mju:zik] at the two best clubs in the city Gewölbe and Heinz Gaul in Cologne. So our musical home is still Cologne. The scene has grown a lot in the past few years. You can go out and see very good international djs almost every weekend in different locations. Cologne is also the base of influential labels like Kompakt and artists like Aroma Pitch, Coma, Tobias Thomas, Kölsch and so on…
 Do you play a lot of local gigs? Or are you travelling more to your shows?
In the past years most of the gigs were local with a few international gigs. Our favourite nights are still the ones at Gewölbe, where we were happy to invite friends like T.Williams, Urulu, Sebastian Vorhaus and Jackmaster.
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