Interview with Joyce Muniz (Exploited)

To get you excited about our next BE AT: party at Chapeau Rouge we bring you an exclusive interview with the headliner – Joyce Muniz from Exploited. Joyce’s musical knowledge and influences are very wide as she went from pop to hip-hop and finally to house/techno and she’s been constantly on the run. We are glad to host her at our next label party at Chapeau Rouge on the 17th of May. Enjoy the read!
Hi Joyce, we know that you come from Brazil and quite early you moved to Austria. Did you move with your parents? Why? Was Vienna your first and final destination?
Yes, that’s true! I moved to austria with my parents… Why? Because they wanted it! Haha.! Vienna was my first destination. Between the time I moved to vienna and now I lived in a few different places in europe but vienna is my base. But I don’t think vienna is my final destination :)
How about Brasil. I heard of massive outdoor events that used to play a lot of psy-trance music, now these events are moving more towards club music like house and techno. Have you ever been to one of those outdoor raves? Which one would you recommend?

Yes, I’ve played on a few psy-trance-events. Mostly I’ve played on the house-floors! To be honest, I don’t think that I would go to those kind of events because it’s not so much my personal taste of music but if… I would recommend going to „tribe“.
And what about the club scene in Brasil? Is it comparable to the scene in Vienna? Do people play similar tunes in clubs? Or is it totally different?
Well, nowadays the deep-house scene of brazil is much more bigger than in vienna…!
Both countries do have amazing clubs but brazil is a huge country, therefor you have way more options to party than in vienna, of course.
What does the word ‘home’ mean for such a globetrotter like you?
‚Home‘ means to me kind of closing doors. For ‚charging me up‘ and cooking for people I love.!
Working with Exploited must be pretty awesome. How does this collaboration work out for you? Is it just that you release music on Exploited and play at Exploited events from time to time? Or is it some sort of ‘deeper’ involvement?
The relation between me and Exploited is deeper than „only“ releasing the music. !
I already knew Shir Khan before he started the label, so we are friends since a long time.!
As soon as I changed my style and started to produce house music, he was the first contact I sent out my records. And he liked it, obviously:) Finally Shir Khan became my manager, being the great person who is giving me proper feedback and big support.!
What are your plans for this summer in terms of gigs and releases?
I will play a few gigs in europe this summer and I am planning on a short studio-break in august before my south&north-america tour is starting. In may I am releasing the „sleepless“ EP on Warung Recordings with great remixes of Wehbba and Gorge. This will be the last release before summer season.
What is your favourite studio set up? Are you using a lot of analog gear or are you more of a software person? Do you have your own studio space in Vienna? Any exciting collaborations on the horizon?
Many people doesn’t believe me but my home-studio is very minimal, I mostly use software.! Well, there are big things coming up… My answer to your question is: Stay tuned :)!
Do you need a lot of quiet time for writing music or are you able to focus on coming up with ideas while touring and moving around?
This is exactly why I am going for a studio-break. It’s hard to write being „on the road“. When I am travelling I am constantly working, getting fresh influences but the final productions I am making at home with time and clear ears.
We know that you come to Prague for a few days. What is your plan?
Well, aren’t you suppose to answer me that question? :)
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