ARTTU (Clone) interview

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To coincide with ARTTU’s debut performance in Prague at the Beef records showcase we present a short interview. Make sure not to miss his show this Friday 4th of April.
Hi Arttu, thanks a lot for coming over to Prague for the Beef showcase night. Have you even been to Prague or Czech Republic? What are you expecting from Prague?
Sunshine, charming people and lovely old buildings. Did I mention beer?
We know that you travel a lot. You were born in a countryside of Finland. Later you moved to Helsinki, then you moved to London and after that to Lisbon. However you ticket to get to Prague was booked from Berlin. Where do you actually live now and what does the word ‘home’ means for you?
Me and my lovely little family have ended up in Berlin now. Like one famous song put it so well : ” whereever he laid his head was his home”
Which of the countries influenced you the most in terms of music? Was it the always inspiring melting pot London?
Out of the places that I have lived in London was definitely the most influential in many ways. That city is buzzing!!! Bzzz Bzzz
Can you tell us something about your service in the army? We heard that you didn’t last too long. ,))
Let’s just say that it didn’t make any sense to me in so many levels that I had to get out of there by any means possible. After 5 days I was released.
When did you decide to write your own stuff? Were you actually djing before you got into producing? Was your intention to release records on cool labels or was it more of ‘just experimenting’ process?
Indeed it was an experimental hobby for me since mid 90’s … slowly the experiments started sound a bit more like a tune rather than a washing machine gone crazy. One thing follows another. The same process is still going on
How did you get in touch with the guys from Clone? We really like this label for a long time. Its quite impressive that you release your music with them.
Serge who runs Clone heard the first ever Arttu release on Philpot Records (Rise Up) and mailed me saying that it was the best track he had heard in a while. He also asked if I had any other tracks free. It just happened that I had recorded ‘Nuclear Funk’ with Jerry the Cat a few days earlier. That’s how the first Clone release happened.
Do you play locally a lot or are you always on road? What do you enjoy more? Playing for friends in your hometown or travelling to unfamiliar territories?
I don’t play that much really even though I probably should say otherwise. Most of my gigs happen around Europe in clubs big and small where I always meet some wonderful passionate people united by the love of music. It is quite rather amazing.. and humbling…
What is the main difference between ARTTU and LUMP? Why did you decide to change name?
Accident where I deleted all of my music that I had ever done was the death of Lump. ha ha … My sound was changing anyways so releasing music under another name made sense.
Can you give us a little look into your studio setup? What kind of gear is the most essential for you? (little photo would be nice)
I don’t really have that much stuff… I have a few nice synths that I have learned to trust and use. On top of that a MPC is essential. An old tape echo is also important for my sound. It’s not really the amount of gear but how you use it.
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