Interview with La Fleur (Watergate)

Swedish artists Sanna La Fleur will perform at Chapeau Rouge this Friday 7th of February at our BE AT: party. La Fleur is known for her dynamic sets oscillating between underground house music and melodic techno. Last year she started a residency at the most respected Berlin club Watergate and she also regularly performs at the Berghain. To coincide with her debut show in Prague we are happy to present a little interview with her. Full info about the party can be found here.
Hi Sanna, can you tell me something about all the different connections to flowers (La Fleur, Flowerhead, Power Plant)? 
La Fleur is my real name, my middle name, it’s an old family name from my mothers side, so the connection to flowers came natural ;)
We know you are a hard working person. What projects are you working on at the moment? 
I’m finishing mixes for the Cadenza podcast and a remix for Kerri Chandler that will be out on Watergate Records in March. Also having other exciting projects in pipeline that I’m looking forward to share with you in the near future.
Why did u decided to make Berlin your second home? 
I took three months off from my job as a pharmacist and went to Berlin to get time and inspiration for my music productions. I liked it so much so I decided to stay, that was six years ago. The last year I was going a lot back and forth to Stockholm and was for a while thinking about to move back. But at the moment I’m happy in Berlin so will stay here for a while longer!
What is your take on vinyl? You new EP on Power Plant looks awesome. What is the artwork concept behind the 12″ cover?
I love to work with vinyl as a medium.The cover artwork for the releases on my label Power Plant Records are all hand picked and from different illustrators and painters whose work I love and admire. I also regularly put up exhibitions at galleries in connecting to the releases showing the work from the artist who made the cover artwork.
The illustration for the Feline EP is made by Hans Arnold (1925 – 2010). He was a Swiss artist that since the late forties lived and worked in Stockholm, Sweden. Another cover he did worthy of mention is the Abba’s “The Greatest Hits” were his art work also adorns the cover.

How did you approach Kenny Larking on doing a remix for you? This one is really amazing by the way ;)
Thank you! We’ve met through mutual friends erlier so I got in contact with him and asked if he would be up for doing a remix for me, and he said yes!
We saw you doing a gig with Kenny Larkin soon. Do you play often together?
Yes we play together in Stockholm this Friday, where I’ve invited him to my night at the club Berns. And the next Friday the 15th we play together at Watergate too, so looking forward to that!
In terms of release what can we expect from you in 2014?
A remix for Kerri Chandler coming out in March on Watergate records connected to his mix CD compilation on the label. Also doing a remix for Jesper Ryom’s new release on my label Power Plant.
I have other releases and projects coming up but they are still secret, looking forward to share them with you in April/May :)


Can you tell us something about your set-up? What is your favourite piece of gear?
I have a small set up at home in Berlin, and still having a studio space in Stockholm. My favorites are Machinedrum from Elektron, Trilian from Spectrasonics and Synplant from Sonic Charge.
What can we expect from your set in Prague? Are you planning any sight seeing after or before your show? 
Looking forward to play in Prague and to visit the city, which I’ve heard is very beautiful and interesting. So looking forward to some sight seeing during the day and to play some of my favourite house and techno tracks for you later on the night!
Brought to you by Beef records. Supported by Club Mate, Fentimans and Embassy of Sweden.

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