Interview with Reblok

To coincide with our next label party Elements we bring you an interview with our headliner – Reblok. Enjoy the reading and come to party with us this Saturday to Chapeau Rouge Prague if you happen to be in the area. Also make sure to listen to Reblok’s debut EP on Beef (excellent Joyce Muniz remix included).
Hi Goran, how are you? I am glad to speak with you. Can i ask you what are you doing right now?
Hi there, I am fine thanks… right now im eating my breakfast.
Could you tell us something about you? I know that you are from Serbia. From which part exactly are you? How would you describe your country to a foreigner?
Well.. I always describe myself in a ”wrong way”..basically I’m eager, ambitious, hardworking person and on top of all big hedonist. Enjoying life pushes me forward all the time and also in making music. For example if I’m feeling bad I start making some new stuff in which I believe will later in life pay off. I am not trying to please anyone with my music, I do what I like. And about your second part of question: well countryside is pretty at least here in Vojvodina. I don’t really know how is it in south Serbia because I have never been there. People are temperament and have a bit hard mentality and pretty much conservative thinking. And also important thing: Serbia’s most famous brands are definatelly Rakia (Domestic vodka) & plums :)

Serbia and the whole balkan region was highly affected by the war in the nineties which resulted of breaking Yugoslavia into many different countries. How old were you when all this was happening and how has your country recovered from such disaster? Do you still feel the presence of war inside people?
I was 1 year old when I moved from Split (Croatia) in 1990 to Serbia (Belgrade) and after that I moved to another parts of Serbia like Pancevo and from 1998 in Novi Sad where I live for now. I dont really know did people recovered, I can only say for myself how I feel about it… basically I was never directly bashed by the war itself, but my older folks and  grandparents were.
What about music scene there? I know that people in the balkan areas are very musical and they like to party a lot. For example the gipsy brass music coming from Balkan is quite popular here in Czech.
Generally when it’s up to clubing the scene barelly exists and it’s very rubbish. As long as promoter girls earns more for a night than djs it will stay that way ’nuff said. There’s one interesting thing thogh that can be related to the question before. People in Serbia mostly listen to agressive stuff like techno & trance and I think thats the biggest connection between the wars & poor economy in country.
You are young dj and producer and you were already playing on exit festival which is one of the most famous open air festivals in whole Europe. How was it? How was the atmosphere there? We know that the english people love it to death.
Exit is great experience and everyone should come at least one time. It was pretty cool playing there but not the best gig ever. I think that playing in front of your own folks is special kind of feeling and very distinct when comparing to playtin somewhere else in the world.
When i was listenning to your stuff i find out that you were originally making music much more harder and faster than nowadays, but still you have got cool releases on really good labels like Definitive Recordings, Suara and also on Beef Records .You are or were working with well known producers from techno to deep house like Boris Brejcha, Superskank, Konstantin Yodza, Joyce Muniz, DJ Jock or DJ Schwa. Could you tell us more about your music evolution and what kind of music do you prefer today?
Yep my music was a lot harder then what I am doing now, I think I am kinda ”getting mature”. I never like to characterise my stuff by genre because it’s impossible and I can never make only one style because I would be depleted very fast with inspiration. The thing that moves me forward is also experimenting constantly. And about my music evolution… well it depends a lot on labels where you get chance to release your stuff, if you dont release its like it doesn’t exist or that nobody cares.
Could you tell us which software and hardware are you using for making music?
I am using only my desktop pc & my speakers that are by the way hi-fi. Yep you heard right, I make on them everything I’ve got so far released or unreleased. If you have a good ear and you are driven by strong passion you can make everything you want no matter technical part.
If everything goes well where can you see yourself in lets say 5 years? Do you have any big plans and dreams?
I dont know what will happen with me even tomorrow and not in 5 years. One thing about making music that I really really like is that it is so unpredictable. For example I found out that I am going on tour in Mexico something like few days before the gigs. I got tickets and everything and just went to Mexico like that. Also when sending demos to labels when I had highest hopes in some songs that labels will like I got rejected and then when I hoped nothing I got accepted.
What can we expect from your performance in Prague?
You can expect my maximum. Thats all I can say, the rest depends from the crowd.
Have you been in Czech Republic before? Do you know something about this region of Europe or about our country?
I don´t really know a lot about that part of Europe and I am eager to find out. The closest contact with Czech people happened few years ago in Croatia on vacation. I met there a lot of Czech people. They seem to be very alike with folks here in Serbia.
Thank you for your interview. Im looking forward to see you in Prague.
Me too, Ciao.

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