Interview with Timid Boy (Time Has Changed, Upon You)

BE AT: Timid Boy party is this Friday at Prague club Chapeau Rouge. We are very excited about this event and to coincide with this special night we are bringing you an interview with Damien Almira aka Timid Boy. We talked about just everything including kissing girls, his future plans, MTV and about a new movie he shot in Paris.
Hi Damian, it’s a great pleasure having you in Prague in a few weeks. Have you been here before? What do you know about Prague?
I know that’s one  of the most beautifull towns in Europe. So i’m really curious to discover your city! I also used to have  friends from the Czech Republic when i was a student, i never been to Prague or even Czech Republic so i can’t wait to be there, play there and party there ! ;-)
We know that you live in Paris. Which part? How is it living over there? Lot of people seem moving out of Paris to different parts of France or even to different countries. Some people say its simply because Paris is becoming way too expensive to have a comfortable live there… do you agree?
I’m from Montpellier, south of France, I live in Paris since end of 90’s. I love Paris. So beautifull. A lot of stuff to do. With my job, it’s important to be in a big town close to an international airport. At the moment, I could not see myself go to another town. Maybe later I’d like to go to Barcelona. It’s a perfect town, international, a lot of different peoples, sunshine… But at the présent day i’m good with Paris. So many stuff happen in electronic music, i think it’s now the more active town in Europe with Berlin. So, yes it’s expensive, you have little appartements compare to the prices you have to pay. Maybe some people leave Paris for a lot of reasons. But at the same time you have a lot of people who come live in Paris for so many reasons. So i love Paris And i wanna stay here at the moment ;-)
How is it for an active and professional Dj/producer living in such expensive city? Or do you juggle more jobs at the same time?
I used to be music journalist for a lot of years, I was deputy editor of Trax Magazine, first french magazine about electronic music. But 3 years ago it became more and more diffcults to  make music, run my label Time Has Changed, play on the weekend and go to this day job which a lot of responsabilities. So I decided it was time to focus only on music  and I do not regret it at all.
What about the clubs over there? Do you play often in Paris?
Paris is for me the most excited town in Europe at the moment with electronic music. There are so many parties everywhere, day party on Sunday, warehosue parties the week end, a lot of clubs play quality electronic music in a lot of different places for different peoples, it’s everywhere, it’s first time i see paris like this since 12 years. From deep house to techno, from big line up to underground stuff, you have everythinge everywhere. So yes I play here a lot, but I travel a lot also, so it is a good amount of home gigs and internation gigs. I play a bit everywhere, as Rouge, Showcase, Sundae, Pigallion, Debrouill’art or Rex Club, which is the club I started to play 10 years ago – i was resident for Ellen Allien’s BPitch parties there…
Do you tour a lot as well? Or do you prefer playing gigs near by your home?
Yes I tour a lot. Since 2 years and half i already made 2 tour in Japan/Asia, 3 in US/Canada, also South America ( D-Edge in Sao Paulo is one of the best club i played). I also play  a lot in Europe, in Famous clubs as Cocoon, Panorama Bar…
Your new EP on Time Has Changed ‘Baises’ has a really nice teaser video. Its all about kissing girls. How did you come up with this idea and where did you shoot it?
Well i remember when i was a child I used to stol kiss to my girl friends « baisers volés » means « stollen kisses », but in a nice and charming way… So I had the idea to make a track around it (some sounds from my track are coming from kisses I recorded). Then I had the idea to make a music vidéo as well: the story of guy who gives kisses to girls in the street ! So we went on Paris streets and one best friend of mine played this guy, go to girls (unknowns girls on the street) and kiss them by suprise! It was so much fun to shoot !!!
And what about the full version? Where is it??!
You could have the full version on Youtube on Monday march 25 ! Go to youtube and write Timid Boy ‘ »Baisers Volés » vidéo and you get it. MTV and some fernch channels will also program mit.
Tell us something about Time Has Changed. What is the idea behind this label and what is the meaning of the name? In which aspect did the time change?
There’s a track from Codec and Flexor called « Time Has Changed », taht’s one of the reason. The label was created at the end of 2000, time where there were a lot of changes in electronic music, specially with the domination of digital, the difficulties of vynils, the illégal sites… Also there is a nostalgic aspect, I like to feel it in music, nostalgy is beautifull when you put this feeling in music, it’s a nice melancholic aspect… All this explains the title. 
What’s coming up next for you that you are really excited about?
Well this music video out on march 25 is a big exciting thing for me. I am so happy to realise this idea (it’s not diffuclt to have ideas – it’s difficult to make them happen). I also excited by my next EPs to come on Viva, Material, some remix for El Cartel (new label by Jose M) in Columbia and other stuff to be announced soon. I’m also really excited for next stuff on my label : now there’s my EP « Baisers Volés » with Barem remix, then later this year there will be originals and remixes from Remi de Montsabert, Phil Dark, Gwen Maze, Adam Shelton, Marco Marquez, Carlos Sanchez, Emmanuel Satie, Louca, Jamie Funk, Shades of Gray, Molly, Dubfound, Jorge Savoretti, Sergio Fernandez, Mihai Popoviciu, Joor Ghen, Miguel Lobo or even Alex Flatner… 
What can we expect from your performance here in Prague?
I could not say. I like diferent music, from deep house to classic house and tech house, I always play what i feel at the moment in the party. All I can say is that I like to mix different styles, different feelings, but i alaways like to keep a strong groovy aspect…
Few weeks after your show in Prague you are going to play at a Beef records label night in Berlin , Weekender Club. What do you know about this club and how did this opportunity came along?
I’ll play there to thanks to teh same guy who invited me in prague: Schwa, who run the great label Beef Records and also have a really nice project called Shades of Gray. I played in a  lot of venues in Berlin: Bar 25 at the time, Panorama Bar, Tresor… but never in Weekend club which is a nice place in the top of a businees building, it’s a really nice place… I’m really happy to go play again tehre with my Czech connection ;-)
Are you sometimes thinking of following all these djs and moving to Berlin?
No. Paris is so great at the moment for music. I know a lot of djs in Berlin and it’s nice to go say hello to them and take some days off with them, berlin is great town, I start to really know it quiet well, it’s on my top list if I decide to leave Paris. But at the moment I’m good in Paris, I’m even feeling more and more love for my town ;-)


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